Review: Undeniable by Doreen Orsini

Undeniable by Doreen Orsini
Release Date: June 22, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 305
Source:  Publisher

The vampires of Mina’s Cove have passed sentence. The vampire hunter’s daughter will pay for his crimes by becoming the very creature he hunts. Chosen to pass a drop of his blood then deny her, Sebastian is warned that Diana may be the one luring vampires into her father’s trap.

After one night, Sebastian realizes he would follow Diana into the light of dawn for just one more kiss…one more touch…one more taste. How can he refuse to sate her hunger when he’s grown addicted to her sweet blood and body? How can he destroy the woman he doubts even knows about her father’s crimes, the woman born to be his forever?

Diana believes she’s finally found her soul mate. But Sebastian only comes to her after the sun sets. A dark phantom she cannnot resist. A lover whose scorching kisses sate a hunger that nearly drives her mad. She’d offer her body and soul to him, she’d tell him anything…except her father’s secrets.


Review:  Undeniable is like reading three books in one. With a little taste of more.

Diana has saved herself for twenty-five years for her soul mate. Her grandmother tells her that she will tell her when she is to meet the man she’s meant to be with and she can lose her innocence. Her grandmother is the only one that shows her any love. Her mother went missing and her dad is to obsessed about vampires to give her the attention that she craves.

Sebastian is a vampire that take care of the innocent. He stepbrother gets killed so he is sent to use Diana to get back at her father Frank for killing the vampires. He is also sent to find out if she is involved. When he follows her and gets to know her he can’t bring himself to do it.

I’ll I can say so that I don’t give the story away is there is more to this than just Diana and Sebastian. It sorta has to deal with the saying of “the sins of their fathers.” I will tell you that it’s like reading three stories in one.

The author did a great job bringing all stories into one. She didn’t over do it or under do it. I believe that it was just right. In a way the way she brought other people into the story if there will be another. Maybe not a series but a story of some of the younger vampires.

The story had a great plot. It was pretty suspenseful and you never knew what was going to happen next. The passion was great and so was the sex. I enjoyed getting to know about Angelina and Damien’s story. To be in love for over thirty years and to put the needs of her son first. To never know what really happened with your one true mate. To think that one of them went mad without the other.

All I can say is that some people’s eyes are opened up to the real picture of what’s going on. While some people get what they really deserve in the best possible pay back imaginable. I really enjoyed this great vampire book and learning more things about them. Also gave me a new author and read more books by her.

So if your looking for a vampire story with suspense and some very buried secrets and let’s not forget the hot steamy sex. This is the book for you.