Review: Tiana, Steele and Spencer by T.S. Walker

Tiana, Steele and Spencer by T.S. Walker
Series: Dark Guardian (# 6)
Release Date: January 1, 2011
Publisher:  Extasy
Pages: 54
Source:  Publisher

Tiana Jenkins, famous paranormal author, never thought that the creatures of the night she writes about in her books really exists. Steele Estevez is her mate, but she also feels so drawn to his twin, Spencer Estevez. Is it possible to be mates to a vampire? Or even possible to be mates to twin vampires?

Steele Estevez, so close to darkness that he doesn’t know how much longer he can survive on this Earth. With his love of reading TA Jenkins’s books, he never thought that he would find her in a club needing the love he can give.

Their love is strong and soon they have to find out if Tiana and Steele can make it through a happy ending when Spencer is claiming to be Tiana’s mate also? In this war of sexual desire versus emotional need, both know one of them will have to give in because the magic between them is impossible to withstand.


Review:  As a bestselling author, Tiana is a woman with an abundance of imagination. But it’s the dreams that come to her at night that help her create her world of vampires. When she meets someone who tells her everything she’s written is the truth, she’s quick to dismiss their words for a joke. What she’s unable to ignore is the attraction between her and the gorgeous blond named, Steele. She’s never been the type to leave a club with a stranger, but after a few minutes in his presence she’s throwing caution to the wind. What happens next is the start of an adventure that may cost Tiana her life.

The heroes, Steele and Spencer were yummy, but tortured, a good combination to have in a paranormal romance. On the edge of darkness, the vampires struggle to stay in the light, Spencer more so then Steele. Then Steele meets Tiana and everything changes. Tiana is the one mate who can keep them away from turning evil and bringing them the most joy they’ve ever known.

T.S. Walker shows us a different kind of vampire. I liked how she took different bits of the lore and merged and molded them to become something that was uniquely hers. They were a breed I found myself wanting to know more about. Hers is a world hidden within our own where the things we’ve only day dreamed about exist. While I enjoyed the story, I found the editing to be weak in some places. There were missing words and some strange phrasing that really took me out of the story.