Review: The Very Old Man by Jenny Milchman

The Very Old Man by Jenny Milchman
Series: Lunch Reads Vol. 1
Release Date: April 11, 2011
Publisher:  Istoria Books
Pages: 20
Source:  Author

A chance encounter in a grocery store spooks a young mother. When small accidents begin to happen around her young child, she wonders if the old man who’d given her daughter a quarter is to blame.


Review: “The Very Old Man” is actually one of two stories in a short volume called Lunch Reads. The plot centers on strange events occurring within a young family when an old man gives a coin to a baby in a shopping cart.

Believing the coin to be cursed, the baby’s mother gets rid of it…but the very old man turns up again, and this time Denise isn’t having any part of him.

The story is well-written, and allows the reader to attribute the odd occurrences to either a curse or natural coincidence. For those who enjoy this genre, it’s a quick read to take along for lunch.