Review: The Protector by Ambrielle Kirk

The Protector by Ambrielle Kirk
Series: A Blood Legend Novel (# 1)
Release Date: January 31, 2012
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Pages: 319
Source:  Author

It only takes one to reverse the fate of all. She alone holds the powers to keep the forces of evil at bay. Her sacrifice for humanity may include her life.

Mona Laveaux is unaware that she is part of an ancient legacy—the product of a union between a powerful witch and a Protector. Life-altering events, including the death of her guardian, lead her on a quest of self-discovery. Fate guides her to cross paths with Xander and Hunter—the Hero Twins reincarnated. Through them, she learns the purpose of her existence, both of her life and of her heart. But, with both brothers competing for her love, Mona has everything to lose and hardly anything to gain. All her decisions, including choosing one brother over the other, could mean losing humanity to the Apocalypse. Xander and Hunter must form an alliance to defeat the Lords of the Underworld. But their fight for power—and Mona—just might keep them divided.


Review:  Mona’s world is turned upside down when “Pops”, her adoptive father, is brutally murdered. She hangs on to his last words: “Mona-Lou, You are ready”, “Remember everything I have taught you” and “Your destiny will be revealed to you soon”. She is now determined to avenge his death and begins the journey that opens her eyes to the world Nightkeepers, Daykeepers, witches and demons as she tries to figure out who would want Pops (Simon Vivant) dead.

Mona comes in contact with Xander Delgado from DPS (Division of Paranormal Studies). Realizing that she has no one left in the world she decides to see how he can assist in this mystery of her father’s death. Mona is instantly drawn to this tall DARK and handsome gentleman. Xander has awakened this strong attraction, lust, and desire in Mona and she decides to put her trust in him. She will soon find out that Pops has prepared her well for her destiny.

Mona gets thrown into a fantastical world where demons are on the hunt for her and some special “jade” stone, vampires are trying to befriend her and werewolves are trying to convince her to follow them. She learns that she is to save Humanity from Zipacna. This book will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. The chemistry between Mona and Xander is ferocious. Mona also gets thrown for a loop when she meets Hunter- Xander’s identical twin who happens to be just as sexy as Xander!

There is never a dull moment. This book is a great read full of twists, turns, excitement, some hot and steamy scenes and be warned that you will certainly NOT be able to put it down! Ambrielle Kirk has developed a wonderful fantastical world and immediately draws you in. After reading the summary of this book I thought I would be lost in the story line and characters but Ambrielle Kirk gave me enough of the story background to easily follow it and always had me on edge desperate to know what is going to happen next! This is a great read and I will warn you that this book is a cliffhanger so be prepared to await the next book in the blood legends series!