Review: The Bridegroom by Darby York

The Bridegroom by Darby York
Series:  Dirty Bits
Release Date: March 29, 2011
Publisher:  Sapphire Nights
Pages: 19

Medieval life is hard for everyone, especially for noble women forced to marry their enemies. Yet even then women longed for love and fulfillment. Can a reluctant bride find true happiness in an arranged marriage?


Review:  In the fast paced lunchtime read we are taken back to medieval times. Women are usually handed to a big brute of a man so that he may rule and control the family holdings. He not only lords over the people but usually also the wife.

I felt as if I were right next to the bride as we journey through her eyes as she spies on her bridegroom only to find herself intrigued by Sir Alan Hawkwood as she watches him undress and bathe the night before she is to marry him. He is well endowed and stirs a little passion within her as she feels the tingling in her body threaten to take over.  She doesn’t want to feel this way as she is being forced to marry Alan. But, her body wants to betray her as she finds herself enjoying his kisses and the way he calls her sweetheart.

I loved this sensual story of the slow romance between to people thrown together in an arranged marriage. Ms. Darby shows that there are some men who can be gentle and loving instead of brutal and demanding in an era where times are different. I guess you find that in any era really. It was refreshing.

I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Darby. It was also interesting that you never really learn the name of the bride. Put a different twist on the story.




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