Review: The Betrothed by Darby York

The Betrothed by Darby York
Series: Dirty Bits (# 15)
Release Date: July 17, 2011
Publisher:  Turquoise Morning Press
Pages: 21
Source:  Publisher

Marriage based on love is foreign to the medieval mind. Yet consent must be freely given for a marriage to be valid. Can a reluctant bride dare refuse her betrothed without suffering the consequences?


Review:  While I felt that the short story showed some serious potential, in my personal opinion it fell a little short. I liked that Eleanor was a medieval woman that wanted to turn tradition and a woman’s duty upside down, but at the same time she came across too modern and it pulled you out of the story sometimes. William was the perfect strong medieval man that knew what he wanted and how to take it. I liked the back story and really wished I’d gotten to read more of their story because I just know there was more to it than those few pages I read! So overall it was a decent read, but ultimately I felt that it was stunted because it was only 21 pages. I felt it could’ve done a lot better as a longer book. In fact, it could be really good…but as it is…it just left me hanging.