Review: Spirit Of The Lake by Paty Jager

Spirit Of The Lake by Paty Jager
Series: Paranormal Trilogy (# 2)
Release Date: December 8, 2011
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Pages: 280
Source:  Publisher

A brutal attack leaves Dove, a Nimiipuu maiden, pregnant and alone. Her tribe refuses to hear the truth–that the White man who took her body also plans to take their land. She walks into the lake to end both her life and her despair. Wewukiye, the lake spirit, uses his human form to save Dove from drowning. Learning the reason she longs to end her mortal existence, he vows to care for her until she gives birth. Together, they will restore her place in her tribe and prove the White man is not the Nimiipuu’s friend. But to help her he must keep his spirit identity hidden. As Dove and Wewukiye pursue their quest for justice, Dove reveals spiritual abilities yet unknown in her people, ensnaring Wewukiye’s respect and awe. But can love between a mortal and a spirit grow without consequences?


Review:  I guess it doesn’t change over the years, the difference in when or where you grew up or even the period for that matter. The same things happen everywhere and they have been for a long time.

We are introduced to an Indian tribe in the Spirit of the Lake that seems to be getting taken advantage of. White man comes in on the pretense to be friends only to have them rob you blind. It is the age old story of land stealing with some little twists. I still have a nagging question how did the Indians really own the land? Back then you weren’t given a piece of paper that says this land belongs to you. It was just I guess an unwritten agreement. Oh, well onto the story at hand.

I found that the facts were very well researched which helped in making Ms. Jager’s characters become more believable. The history of the Native American’s came to life while hearing their side of the story.

We first run into the main characters Dove and Wewukiye as Dove decides to end her existence. Suicide is a delicate subject and Ms. Jager handles it with finesse. As Wewukiye pulls her from the lake he gives her strength to survive and shows her hope. Raped by the white men who want to steal her tribe’s land she wanted to end her life because she is shunned by her family because they think she tells lies. No one believes her. She is shown that if she has this baby it will be a way to prove that she was telling the truth.

Having to place yourself in another culture is hard but Ms. Jager made the transition easy so that we could see and feel what Dove and the others in her tribe went through. The monster that was Evil Eyes was so real at times I had to remind myself he was a character in the story.
As Dove and Wewukiye journey through the pregnancy, from one camp to another with the help of Wewukiye’s niece. She is not quite right but so would you be if your uncle was immortal, had special powers and was a shape shifter and you couldn’t tell anyone. Anyways she adds a bit of humor to the story as she speaks in questions that are in all actuality truths that no one believes. She is truly the ‘Crazy One’. But knowing this she is there to help Dove becoming a good friend.

The romance and suspense also add a dimension to the overall story, giving it depth.

I think that this is an enjoyable story, rich in history. If you like to learn more about other cultures and not read a stuffy history book you just may find yourself enjoying Ms. Jager’s Spirit of the Lake. You will have to read it if you want to find out if Dove and Wewukiye find love.