Review: Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors by Kayla Knight

Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors by Kayla Knight
Series: Raw Texas Heat (# 2)
Release Date: September 20, 2011
Publisher:  Siren Publishing, Inc.
Pages: 162
Source:  Publisher

A traumatic experience causes twenty-five-year-old Sadie Myers to lose her memory. All that connects her to the past is an old photograph of herself standing outside a cattle ranch in Texas. Frightened and confused, but needing answers, she heads straight for the ranch. When cowboy brothers Matt and Joe Connors discover Sadie hiding in their barn, their first thought is to help and protect her. However, Sadie is a temptress. This beautiful woman bewitches and beguiles them, and they are unable to resist her feminine charms and latent sexuality. Sadie needs these two hunky cowboys like the air that she breathes. she feels sure they will protect her from the unknown threat that has caused her memory loss. Will Sadie be able to face her past when her memory returns? Or will her traumatic earlier life prove too powerful for her and her cowboy lovers to overcome?


Review:  Sadie’s Texas Cowboy Saviors is a great book about a m/f/m relationship.

I don’t know what I would do if all of a sudden I woke up and couldn’t remember anything about my life. All that I had was a picture of when I was little and a first name on the back.

Matt and Joe’s ranch is the place I’d want to go to if I couldn’t remember anything. The brothers are very understanding and want to do anything in their power to help Sadie and make her feel safe.

I haven’t read many menage book. This one makes me feel good and I got happy just reading it. You have brothers that have shared a woman before. When Sadie comes to the ranch Matt and Joe realize that she is a woman that wants to settle down. Sadie wants them both and if they want Sadie they need to get over their jealousy and make it work for the three of them.

Matt and Joe make Sadie feel special. They are men that have Sadie’s needs come first. They help Sadie gets used to the idea of having two men at the same time. They work her body to get it used to them.

They all work together to help Sadie remember about herself. Sadie gets the best care to help her believe in herself. It takes a lot to get a regular relationship to work. When you add another person it makes it even harder.

The story was really smooth and I had a great time keeping up with the book. It wasn’t drawn out and wasn’t too much or too little information. Got good information about amnesia and how it works. Some people get their memory back and some don’t.

Some people lose their memory because they get their heads hit. Some because something bad has happened and that is our bodies way of coping with the stress.

Great story and it was great seeing Sadie, Matt, and Joe do the best they can to make their relationship work.



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