Review: Riding Out the Storm by Emma Jay

Riding Out the Storm by Emma Jay
Release Date: July 22, 2011
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press; First Edition Scarlet Rose edition
Pages: 76
Source:  Publisher

Jill Gavin is trying to overcome her bad girl reputation. After a year of celibacy, she’s ready to start a grown-up relationship with Ethan Dewitt, one of her co-workers at the Strait Advertising Agency. A weekend conference seems the perfect chance for a romantic weekend. Jill didn’t count on her boss sending her former lover Zach Purser with them, and she certainly didn’t count on the surprise blizzard that strands them in a motel room along the way. She’s stuck in a room with her past and future lover. What’s a former bad girl to do? And if Jill acts on her desires, what will the men think of her?


Review: Riding Out The Storm was a great menage. It is about really riding out the storm.

The plot was pretty good and the characters were great. You’ve got the good guy Ethan and the bad guy Zach. Jill is the woman in the middle.

Jill is a woman who had a bad side and would try about anything with her then boyfriend Zach. She started feeling a little dirty so she decided to clean her act up.

I really couldn’t see myself as Jill. I’m just not that adventurous. She’s just a little on the wild side to me. She does know how to spice things up though, so she does have some good qualities.

Ethan is a man who has issues from a past marriage. He isn’t very secure and doesn’t know if he can be all Jill needs when he finds out about her past when they all three get stranded in a blizzard.

I could see the struggles that the two had to just figure out what they really wanted. They had issues on if they could really trust the other. They also got to act on some deep hidden fantasies. It all comes down to can they really have a relationship after everything that went on in the motel.

I will warn you that there were some pretty intense sex scenes and some anal sex. It wasn’t the hottest book I’ve ever read. It kept my attention through it all. It was a good evenly paced book. I really enjoyed the ending to the book.

I recommend this book if menage doesn’t bother you. The sex is pretty hot and not all sex scenes are with three people. So enjoy.