Review: Refugee by Aubrey Ross

Refugee by Aubrey Ross
Series: Mystic Keepers (# 1)
Release Date: June 1, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 32
Source:  Publisher

With powerful forces conspiring to destroy them, Larot and Kayrin flee their home dimension and take refuge on Earth. A political alliance has promised Kayrin to another, but her heart burns only for Larot. They have found the blissful pleasure only enjoyed by soul-bonded mates and they have no intention of giving it up. They will risk uncertainty and danger in their quest to build a future together.


Review:  Refugee was a teaser. Get you into the book and then it’s over.

Kayrin and Larot are meant for each other but her father promised her to someone else without her mom knowing it. Kayrin has more power than other people around her and is meant to lead.

When Kayrin ends up pregnant and tells Larot they know that they have to find some way to be together. Kayrin’s mom sends them away thinking that everything will work out and they will be safe.

This book starts getting pretty and and when you get into it. All of a sudden it’s over. I wasn’t expecting it and I was wanting to know more about the book. I needed more information about the Mystic Keepers.

I hope that everything works out and that they get to be together and raise their child without anything happening to them. You can tell the bond that they share is strong. I really can’t wait to start the other one.



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  1. Hi Crystal, thanks for reviewing refugee. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and I’ve always thought of it as an appetizer. It’s meant to stimulate interest in the other seven books. Take care.

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