Review: Red-Hot Lover by Mel Tescho

Red-Hot Lover by Mel Tescho
Series: Winged and Dangerous (# 3)
Release Date: October 28, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 67
Source:  Publisher

A hot-blooded gargoyle, Zahlee knows that Steele, her gargoyle lover and leader of the Triskellon clan, is her perfect match in every way. But she burns for just one more touch from Saul, the human lover she left behind so many years ago. The same human she entrusted to raise and care for her son, Pascal-to keep him safe from the dangers of the gargoyle lifestyle.

Steele banishes Zahlee from the Triskellon clan and forces her to return to Saul and extinguish all yearning for her mortal ex. She quickly discovers a renewed lust for the only man she has ever loved. Their chemistry cannot be denied and combusts into a raging wildfire she never wants to end.

Zahlee yearns for happiness with her son and her human lover. A gargoyle must sacrifice much to live in the human world, but she is willing to give all for their love.


Review:  Red-Hot Lover is about something that I used to fantasize about when I was growing up.

Zahlee finds out what she really wants, can she be herself and be free as a gargoyle, or give it up to be with the human she loves? Maybe she can have it both.

Saul is a man who has waited years for Zahlee to come back to him. He used to be a bad man always dealing deals because he owns a casino. When Zahlee comes back she finds a changed man.

While I was reading this book I was taken back to where I used to dream that I was in love with a gargoyle. That’s so crazy when I look back on it now. I loved how the author made the gargoyles no different from humans. Everything looks the same just their spines are bigger and they have wings when they are gargoyles.

I saw gargoyles in a different light and not as the world takes them to be. I loved that Zahlee and Saul made the best of both worlds. Yes they had to make sacrifices. Nothing ever happens the way we plan but when life gives back to us what we wanted. We learn to forgive and not always forget. Love is worth having so we make the most of what we are givin because no one is promised tomorrow.

I enjoyed watching Zahlee and Saul fall in love again. Although Zahlee had to trust in humans again and trust Saul with the biggest secret of all. I have fell in love with gargoyles again and I hate that I started with the third book in the series. I know that I’ve missed a lot.

So with that I’m going to leave and brush up more on gargoyles. Maybe I can relive the fantasies I had as a child.