Review: Osiris’ Missing Part by Mona Risk

Osiris’ Missing Part by Mona Risk
Release Date: June 23, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 312
Source:  Publisher

According to the legend, the evil Egyptian god of storm, Seth, killed his brother Osiris, chopped him into fourteen pieces and flung them all over Egypt. Isis, goddess of family, reassembled thirteen of his body parts. Since she couldn’t find his supernatural male member, where his godly power was stored, she reattached a human one. Isis has always loved Osiris, the charming god of labor. While dreaming of marriage, family and a son, she helps him fight Seth. Together they struggle to survive iniquities and perils. His trip to the Afterlife has changed Osiris. He regrets his past womanizing. Guided by oracles she utters when they make love, they search lands and seas for his missing organ so he can recover his godly attributes. Osiris has fallen in love with Isis but the sins of his past and their unexpected consequences threaten to separate them more painfully than Seth’s mayhem and curses.


Review:  Osiris’ Missing Part is all about Gods and Goddesses. Pretty good plot.

Well this was a pretty good story. It was filled with betrayal, love, and forgiveness. I thought that the story was pretty good and I love the imagination that he took to come up with this story. I thought it was a little long. Some parts seemed to run on and give too much information that wasn’t really needed.

With gods and goddesses since they love forever and it’s pretty hard to kill them. I think it would be hard to be with one person all their life. You really never see that. In this story though Osiris learns his lesson when he died. He saw the error in his life that he had done. Sleeping with whoever he wanted and not having any consequences. When he comes back he realizes that Isis is the only one for him.

You go through the story which is manly Osiris trying to find his missing organ that holds all the power in it. You see the love that Osiris and Isis have for each other but anything could happen at any moment to take it away. Will their love be enough to stand all the women he slept with? I don’t know if I could forgive something like that, but I’m not going to live forever.

You have brothers fighting over the same woman. You have different gods and goddesses turning against each other because of jealousy. It was a pretty good exciting book with a lot of adventure. Seth trying the whole time to outsmart his brother. In the end there is a lot of forgiveness from everyone. Had a pretty good happy ending for everyone. You know that everything won’t be peaceful for long.

So all in all the story was good with great characters. Just because they are immortal doesn’t mean they don’t go through the same things that mortals do. They just have longer to see the error of their ways and fix them.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about gods and goddesses and loves a happy ending.


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