Review: Kya’s King by Becca Dale

Kya’s King by Becca Dale
Series: Sanctuary (# 1)
Release Date: October 21, 2010
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Pages: 98
Source:  Publisher

Tender-hearted and lonely, Kya yearns for heritage and home. The staff and animals at sanctuary where she works have become almost family, but it is not enough. She craves the stability and acceptance she hears in the voice of her dream lover and sees in the eyes of a wounded wildcat.

Chosen to guard the royal heir, Ja claims his lost charge in a desperate attempt to save her from enemies she can not imagine or comprehend. At every turn desire and obligation clash as Kya tests his loyalty to the clan and his will to walk away. Touching her breaks the rules that he has pledged his life to uphold, but fulfilling his duty might destroy everything worth fighting for.

Both must face the roles they were born to play. Hers to lead. His to protect. Can Hannah blindly accept her responsibility as queen or will she turn her back on the extended family she longs for in order to keep the one who destroys her loneliness? Does she even have a choice?


Review:  Kya’a King was a great shape-shifter story.

Kya who goes by Hannah now doesn’t know that she’s a shape-shifter. The biggest thing is she’s the queen who needs to rule her pack. She works at a sanctuary that helps animals and hopefully can be put back in the wild.

Ja is a shape-shifter who was supposed to be protecting Kya. He took her to a church when she was three when her parents were killed. He tried to keep an eye on her but her adopted parents moved around a lot. He finds her and does what he thinks is the only way to protect her. That is to make her his so no one else will mess with her.

I was glad to see Kya end up at a sanctuary that hides what it truly is and that’s a place for shape-shifters. Ja is putted in a cage because he gets shot. He is there to protect from the evil leader and his son.

I really enjoyed seeing Kya realize what she is. The love between her and Ja is more than just to protect her. It was good to see different shape-shifters get along with each other. They all became a family and are there for each other.

Kya makes Ja realize that love comes before bloodlines. Just because she is royalty and he is considered a commoner that they can make it together. Good can conquer evil and everything can work out in the end.

The author did a wonderful job with her story and her characters. It was believable and easy to follow. I was kept in the story all the way. It wasn’t too much or too little. I can honestly say that I have found another author to read.