Review: Inamorata by Margaret Ethridge

Inamorata by Margaret Ethridge
Series: Paramour (# 2)
Release Date: June 3, 2012
Publisher:  Turquoise Morning Press
Pages: 238
Source:  Publisher

After twenty-five years of cooling his jets in a wall sconce, Frank DeLuca figured the afterlife owed him a break. Hadn’t he been a model ghost? He didn’t possess little kids, screw up the television reception, or throw random objects across the room just to get attention. Hell, he never even made creepy noises in the dead of night.

All he asked was a peaceful existence where someone would turn him on every once in a while. The light, that is. He needed just a little bit of light in his afterlife.

Instead, he got a sullen, silent little boy who cried for his mommy every night. The kid came with a set of hyper-tense grandparents whose marriage was crumbling under the weight of old insecurities and words left unspoken. As if that weren’t enough to drive a guy to hide out in his light fixture, providence tossed in a little spitfire of a girl who flipped his switch in every way. Gina Ferro turned out to be the kid’s mother. She also happened to be a ghost.

Thrown together by Fate and bound by history, Frank and Gina must learn to trust each other with the keys to their pasts in order to unlock their eternity.


Review:   This book is a sequel.  The first book (Paramour) leaves you a little breathless and quite possibly searching for your very own Frank.

For book two, we fast forward into the future a little bit. Things have done a little changing. A new family has moved in, and taking up residence in “his” room is a whiny little boy.

That’s not all . . . the little boy comes with some baggage. Baggage that is about to turn Franks world upside down.

As Cam and Brad deal with their own lives (two houses down). Elise, Nick, and Jaden try to rebuild their lives after the death of their daughter/mother. Gina tries to understand just what has happened. Frank is trying to understand his new found “feelings”. Neither Frank or Gina understand just how entangled their lives have been.

A wonderful second installment. One that finds you pulling for love, holding your breath at parts, and just a little breathless at other parts.

A must read!

Favorite Quote:  “I choose not to respond to any commentary related to size, weight, or which type of sporting equipment you may or may not have swallowed this morning.”