Review: Hunted by Carolyn Rosewood

HuntedHunted by Carolyn Rosewood
Series:  Seduced by a Demon (# 2)
Release Date:  July 14, 2011
Publisher:  Evernight Publishing
Page Count:  89
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 For the past four hundred years, Jahi Wickes has made forged documents and credit cards for the female demons who seduce men into signing away their souls. While enjoying the parades at Mardi Gras, she’s ambushed by two angels. One is her former guardian angel, and the other is the Nephilim who’s tracking him.

Dagon has been chasing Vassago for three years. His first big break comes in the form of a cute, sexy demon. When he learns the real reason Vassago is hunting her, Dagon has more trouble than he bargained for. Not only was Vassago sent to guard souls in Purgatory after screwing up his assignment with Jahi, but the person who paid him to destroy her is one of her fellow demons.


Review:  Sweetly sensual and explosively hot, Hunted is a short but powerful read that will hold the reader captive from beginning to end.

This is the second book in the ‘Seduced by a Demon’ series, following The Last Soul.  I had previously read and loved The Last Soul.  Given that fact, I do think that Hunted can easily be read as a stand-alone.  A few of the characters are revisited and play an important role in this book, however there is enough background information given so that a new reader into the series would not be lost or confused.

In Hunted, we get to delve into Jahi’s life – learn about her early years, her execution and her trip into becoming a demon.  We also meet Dagon (LOVE that name!!), who is a fallen angel as well as a bounty hunter who has been chasing after Vassago for three years.  It is when he nearly has him captured that he meets Jahi, whose life (or undead life) is in extreme danger from Vassago.  The two must work together to capture this former guardian angel who is a threat to many.

In the otherworldly realm there are rules and one of those rules is that it is forbidden for a Nephilim to have a relationship with a demon.  The temptation between Dagon and Jahi, however, is too intense and heady to ignore.  Together they make explosive sparks fly and their need for one another exceeds any and all realms.  Can Vassago be captured before he causes irreversible harm to Jahi and even if he is, how can Dagon and Jahi carry on their affair if it is highly forbidden?

Hunted is an extremely enjoyable, fun and heat-filled story.  I loved both the characters Dagon and Jahi and I was thrilled to revisit the characters from The Last Soul – Faina and Jace.  Ms. Rosewood does such a wonderful job of spinning a tale that is erotic, yet sweet, as well as filled with marvelous paranormal.  There is light bondage and very light spanking within the story, however the steaminess is done in a tasteful way that does not offend and instead makes the heart race.  I truly love this authors work and this story is no exception.  I cannot wait to read more by her – not only are the stories excellent, but the covers are yummitastic, lol!

For anyone looking for a hot, steamy, sensual and fun read of the paranormal, I definitely recommend Hunted by Carolyn Rosewood and also recommend that you check out the first book in the series as well, The Last Soul!

Quote: Her eyes roamed over his jeans and polo shirt. The clothes fit his muscled body as if they’d been made for him alone. Long legs, trim waist, broad shoulders. He looked like he’d stepped off the streets of any city in the USA. If she hadn’t seen the glow and the wings she’d swear he was merely a freaking hot human male. “You’re not what I expected from an angel. You seem more like a college coed trying to pick up a girl in a bar.”

“Is that an invitation?” His voice was low, sexy, inviting.


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  1. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed this! There is a third book in this series as well – Playing For Keeps. The demon who betrays Jahi, Teresa, is the heroine in that one. 🙂

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