Review: Giving It Up by Amber Lin

Giving It Up by Amber Lin
Release Date: June 19, 2012
Publisher:  Loose Id LLC
Pages: 268
Source:  Author

Allie prowls the club for a man who will use her hard and then ditch her. Hey, it’s not rape if she wants it. Instead she finds Colin, who looks tough but treats her tenderly, despite her protests.

He tempts her, but kindness and a few mind blowing orgasms aren’t enough to put her back together again. Allie has no hope for a real relationship. Two years ago her best friend betrayed her in the worst possible way–she’d be stupid to trust a man again. Besides, she has her daughter to think of, the only good thing to have come from that dark night.

But when her rapist returns, threatening her sanity and custody of her daughter, Allie turns to Colin. Under his protection and patient touch, Allie begins to heal and learns to hope. Colin’s no saint, though, and his criminal past draws danger of its own. Allie must fight to protect her child and the man she loves, hoping her newfound power will be enough to save them all.


Review:  Giving it Up is the emotionally engaging debut novel by Amber Lin. Allie is a very troubled young woman who has not gotten over the horrible rape by her best friend which left her not only betrayed but pregnant. One night at a club she meets Colin and the attraction is immediate although she fights it with everything she has. Colin has his own secrets and troubles as well. While he comes across as Allie’s knight in shining armor, in reality, his shield is a bit tarnished.

Over the years, I have reads tons of romance novels and I can honestly say this was one of the very few where I was left wondering throughout the entire story if Allie and Colin were going to get their happily ever after. There were so many twists, turns and blindsides that I was left sitting on the edge of my seat throughout. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Ms. Lin throws a curve ball at you and the story travels down a whole new path.

There are also many references and hints included throughout the story that point to events that have had a hand in shaping Allie into the person she is today. Gradually over time, similar to the healing and confidence changes that Allie experiences throughout, we the reader eventually learn more about these events. I enjoyed watching Allie grow and transform from a victim into a more confident young woman.

While this story would not qualify as warm and fuzzy, it was not as dark as I expected it to be after reading the publisher’s warning. If you are looking for a compelling story that will keep you on your toes, then definitely give this one a try.

Publisher’s Note:  This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: dubious consent.



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