Review: Deceptive Behavior by Kate Dolan

Deceptive Behavior by Kate Dolan
Series:  Love & Lunacy (# 3)
Release Date: July 14, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 237
Source:  Publisher

Geni Bayles has made some pretty poor choices when it comes to men. So she finally agrees to meet the suitor her mother has chosen, a painfully shy baronet from the country. When she encounters Sir Richard Latimer, however, she finds him witty, considerate and charming—but only because he thinks she’s a maid. She decides to continue the deception just long enough to learn his true personality.Richard knows he has a duty to marry a rich woman to restore the estates on which so many people depend. But he would give anything to marry a fun, clever girl like the maid he’s just met. And just kissed.He’s fallen for the right girl for the wrong reason. She’s made the wrong move for the right reason. They just might be perfect together—if it weren’t for the complete lack of trust.


Review:  This has to be one of the funniest historical romances I’ve read in months. From the beginning you become enraptured with a cast of characters that are truly eccentric, even for a time period where nearly everyone had some type of neurosis.

I won’t lie, you become increasingly frustrated throughout the book by the fact that both Geni and Richard are both fools who think the worst at nearly all times, but don’t bother to actually talk things out. But this is also the main reason why I loved this book as much as I do.

In a time period where a woman was lucky if she even liked the man her family picked out for her to marry, Geni demands complete fidelity from her husband; she will not tolerate a husband who is “tossing” one of the housemaids while she sits by. Richard knows that theirs isn’t a love match, but he’s desperate to bring prosperity back to Garrison Tor, his family’s estate. Unfortunately Richard stammers in front of nearly everyone except those he’s comfortable around most – the household staff.

I absolutely loved how beauty wasn’t mentioned hardly at all in this book. Richard wasn’t described as overly handsome with a chest you could cut glass on. They were just ordinary people.

If you like a little bit of comedy with your historical romances, then this book is for you. While it is third in the series, I think they’re basically stand alone books. The characters are interwoven between them, but each one is about a different young lady. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the others and find out more about Lucia, Helen, and Sophie.

Favorite Quote:  “Perhaps I was distracted by the sight of your mother falling into her plate of potatoes.”




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