Review: Anora’s Pride by Kathleen Lawless

Anora’s Pride by Kathleen Lawless
Release Date: April 10, 2012
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Pages: 276
Source:  Publisher

Anora King didn’t plan to pretend she was married, but her new neighbors in Boulder Springs leap to that conclusion. For a young woman struggling socially and financially, the deceit has its advantages, until the sinfully handsome new marshal comes to town.

Jesse Quantrill is shocked to find himself lusting after a married woman. But sweet, blushing Anora doesn’t act married, and her mix of innocence and feisty determination is irresistible.

No matter how hard they try to stay apart, lawbreakers, riots, and deadly danger drive Jesse and Anora straight into each other’s arms.

Yet a romance between them would be the town’s biggest scandal ever…


Review:  I’ve heard lots of great things about Kathleen Lawless but hadn’t yet had the privilege of reading any of her works. I loved the sound of Anora’s Pride, so I jumped on the chance to read it. The result? A wonderful one! Every second of reading this book is filled with emotional turmoil, mystery and hope of dreams coming true. From the first page, I was captivated with the town of Boulder Springs and the characters that make up the residents.

Anora King. So many secrets behind that one! She’s a wonderfully flawed character and her pride…..well, sometimes it just gets in the way and causes her more problems than not. The biggest one is the farce of a marriage she has to Ben King. I won’t tell you about that marriage…’ll have to read it for yourself to find out the secret behind it! I will tell you this though. Anora King’s future lies in the hands of the town Marshall.

Jesse Quantrill comes to Boulder Springs with his own secrets from the past, at the request of his good friend Ricki to take over as the town Marshal. His goal: to find Rosco and his gang, and take them down before any more lives are hurt. What he wasn’t counting on was Rosco having personal vendetta with him, or for the pull he feels to a married one. One who may, or may not be, in on the gang he’s after! But, after an explosion, one night of passion and a shared loss, his life is forever changed. And, breaking through Anora’s pride is a challenge that he’s not sure he’s up for.

I’ll stop there before I give away the ending. Something that I just won’t do. What I will tell you is that if you sexy cowboys, lawmen and passionate romance mixed in with rich historic detail, then Anora’s Pride is the book for you. This book will leave you wanting more. The ending is incredible and completely unexpected! I can’t wait to get my hands on more of this talented lady’s work.