Review: An Early Spring by Ann Lister

An Early Spring by Ann Lister
Release Date:  June 8, 2012
Publisher:  SleighFarm Publishing Group
Pages: 345
Source:  Author

With a blizzard bearing down on Colorado’s Sun Ridge Ski Resort, Nick Gaffney went to work with the Search and Rescue Team. What should have been a standard rescue for Nick evacuating the mountainside cabins turns into something much more life defining when he finds the breathtaking beauty, Colby Hansen, injured and sitting up against a tree off the side of a ski trail. Colby is a city girl, hating the cold and snowy elements any mountain offers – until she stumbles upon Nick. His rugged good looks and charm warm her on sight, making her feel safe for the first time in years. Stuck for days without power inside a mountainside cabin as the blizzard rages outside, Nick and Colby find the best source of heat comes while wrapped in each others arms and together they burn hot enough to melt a Polar Icecap. Does the sunshine gleaming on the fourth day mean a happily-ever-after ending for Nick and Colby or will the parting storm clouds do nothing more than reveal bigger life challenges for them to overcome? After the ‘damsel in distress’ meets her Mountain Man rescuer, her neat and tidy world will never be the same…and the hope for An Early Spring never held such promise.


Review:   Right from the start, An Early Spring lures the reader in and doesn’t let go. We have a “grumpy” heroine who was forced on a business trip that she obviously doesn’t want to be on. With a storm approaching Colby stomps off into the woods and is later rescued by our hero Nick after he finds her injured in the woods. At first I was a bit hesitant wondering what kind of book this would be with the heroine losing her temper in a fit of rage and practically biting the head off anyone in her path but we quickly realize that this behavior is not the norm for Colby and she is actually a very sweet woman who, like most everyone else, has made some mistakes in her life.

The characters and their backgrounds were fully developed, had a lot of depth and showcased a wide range of emotions. Ms. Lister does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life with her words. As a reader we experience all the emotions Colby and Nick are feeling throughout the entire story including anger, hurt, sadness, love and happiness just to name a few. I found myself grabbing a tissue and wiping the tears during one particular scene.

While you may wish to have a fan handy for the hot and steamy sex throughout the entire story, the plot was very well developed and I was satisfied with the outcome. There were definitely a few unexpected twists that kept me fully engrossed. Just when you think you know exactly which direction the story is taking, Ms. Lister throws a curve ball which pulls the story into a slightly different direction that leaves you wondering if these two can overcome the obstacles standing in their way.

I do want to give a word of caution to the reader however, after reading An Early Spring you will be ready to book your romantic winter getaway in the mountains of Colorado. Two people snuggled up in front of a cozy fire in a small mountain cabin sounds like the perfect winter retreat.





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  1. Maria D. says:

    Thanks for the review – this sounds like an entertaining read and after all of the heat of this summer…winter sounds good!

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