Interview & Contest: Mary Wine

Jen: Today we are excited to welcome Mary Wine to Romancing the Book!  Mary, please tell us about your newest release.
Mary: A Lady Can Never be too Curious is my first Steampunk. I know that term is showing up a lot and it’s sort of hard to pin down a definition of just what Steampunk is. I like to think of it as Victorian science fiction. The nerd in me is fascinated by the concept of being able to write a historical book, in this case a Victorian era romance and add in a few little touches of advanced science that wouldn’t have been there. The Victorians did love their secret societies and I drew on that fact to help craft this book. My ‘Steampunk’ community is a secret society too and just like all good Victorian secret societies to become a member is too devote yourself to the order. Once you are in though, the rest of society will have nothing to do with you. My hero tried to warn my heroine but she’s just not interested in returning to the sedate position upper crust society thinks she should be happy to occupy. For those who have never tried a Steampunk, this is still a good historical and most important of all…it is a spicy romance.

Jen: Why do you write romance?
Mary: I’ve always adored romance, ever since I picked up my first one at the grocery store. It was a Johanna Lindsey and I still have it. That book sucked me in and I knew that was what I wanted to read and a little further down the road of life, I wanted to write it.

Jen: Is there a genre you want to try or one you’ll stay away from?
Mary: I wouldn’t say stay away from but I seem to have no desire to write vampires or zombies. To be completely honest, I find some vampires just a tad whinny. I mean, they have eternal life, never get sick or have to go to the dentist yet every one I read is a tormented soul. Seems like a waste of an opportunity to really explore the world.

Jen: Do you have a writing routine?
Mary: Oh yes and summer is the hardest time. My self-discipline wants to evaporate.

Jen: If you could time-travel, where would you go and what would you take with you?
Mary: Now that’s a question. My mind immediately jumps to some of the greatest disasters in history and I wonder what I would need to prevent them. If I went back to before the tsunami hit Ski Lanka…what could I take to warn people? How about the black death, is there any way to make a difference because I know that it’s flees carrying the disease? Would the people of Pompeii listen to me and get out of the path of the volcano? How about the summer that never was in 1817. I wonder if people would listen and stock pile food and not sheer the sheep because a volcanic eruption in Indonesia would make it snow all summer long. Do you think the Titanic captain would listen to me if I advised him to change course?

Jen: What’s next for you?
Mary: Next up will be The Trouble with Highlanders. This book follows The Highlander’s Prize and will release in October. At the end of The Highlander’s Prize, Daphne MacLeod allowed Norris Sutherland to seduce her so that Broen MacNicols could renounce her and wed the woman he loved. Daphne went home but Norris finds himself unhappy with her gone and he intends to go after her.

It’s been wonderful to chat. Thanks!

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14 thoughts on “Interview & Contest: Mary Wine

  1. holdenj says:

    I like the historical aspect of steampunk, along with the various works of imagination different authors will bring to their era.

  2. Maria D. says:

    I love steampunk – just all of the different mechanical things, the historical aspect, the paranormal aspects – all of it just makes me happy:)

    I’m not entering the contest as I just got this in ebook and hope to read it over the holiday weekend:)

    Thanks for the interview

  3. Barbara Elness says:

    I’ve read quite a bit of steampunk and I love it because of all the action, the air ships, the amazing inventions and the great alternate histories.

  4. Valerie says:

    STEAMPUNK! I love, love, love this genre!!! I am so excited to read this book!!! What a great interview!

  5. Diane D - Florida says:

    I’ve read a few Steampunk romance books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I love the action, all the great gadgets, and most especially the romance between the hero and heroine.

  6. Jeanne Miro says:

    I haven’t read Steampunk before and hadn’t thought of it being “spicy romance” but since I love Mary’s Highlander books A Lady Can Never Be Too Courious sounds like the perfect book to find out what it’s all about! Since my favorite genre is historical romance and I’ve loved Mary’s other books I can’t imagine not reading it!

    I have a feeling I’m going to be thanking Mary for a long time to try something “new to me” that I’ve heard others encouraging me to try!

    Jen –

    I loved your post and how you compared Mary’s books as “Victorian science fiction. Thanks for giving Mary’s readers a chance to try something with a different point of reference!

  7. erinf1 says:

    thanks for a great post and giveaway! I like steampunk cuz of the awesome world building and how inventive each other gets w/ the “inventions” 🙂

  8. Crystal Newman says:

    I haven’t read steampunk yet and really didn’t know what it was. Now I do and I will be going and finding one to read. Sounds like something I would like. I try to keep an open mind.

  9. Kimberley Coover says:

    Congratulations on the new book. I look forward to reading and loving it.

    I have just started reading steampunk and I love it! I love the historical/futuristic sense of the writing. It has opened a whole new world to me.

  10. Diane Sallans says:

    I haven’t read a Steampunk yet, but I love the movies of this genre like League of Incredible Gentlemen so I’m curious about the books.

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