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Sand in My Shoes

One of the first things I did once my daughter learned to stand was take her to the beach. I felt like it was one of those rite-of-passage moments to let her experience sand in her diaper and for me to snap pictures of her wearing a floppy sunhat with zinc on her nose. (We won’t even go into the several tubes of colored zinc I bought her to play dress up with.) So years go by and my daughter continues going to the beach with our relatives or with friends, and I kind of file it away under went to the beach and move on.

Well, a couple of months ago my parents moved to Mobile, Alabama. That was as close as they’ve ever lived to the ocean. (My mother loves the beach.) And I kept thinking one day I would drive down to the water, but I never did. It was just another of those things I filed under maybe or one day and moved on.

Last weekend, my daughter and I came to visit my parents and my daughter asked Mom to take us to the beach. I tried to put it off, but my daughter was insistent. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, it was just that I had so much on my plate I felt guilty for taking time off to go play in the waves.

So we drive down to Dauphin Island, and I’m standing ankle-deep in water when I realize it’s been ten years since I saw the ocean. It was staggering to think I had put it off for so long. Granted, when you have kids the years begin to blur, but a decade? Wow.

The experience really drove home how important it is to make time for your family and for having fun. Work will always be there, but if you blink your kids are entering high school or graduating college. Money is tight for everyone these days, but you don’t have to make a big trip or big gesture. Just take an afternoon off and spend it with your family or friends doing something you love and remember that life happens so fast sometimes we have to throw on the brakes and remember to enjoy ourselves.

My upcoming release, Soul Weaver, makes me wonder if I wasn’t pining for the ocean all along. The heroine, Chloe, has never visited a beach, but she’s obsessed with them.

How about you? Is there anywhere you’d love to be but keep saving it for one day?

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Hailey is a wife turned mother turned writer, who loves her husband, her daughter and alone time with her computer. Whenever southern living strikes her as too ordinary, she can be found squinting at her monitor as she writes her next happily-ever-after or with her nose glued to her Kindle’s screen. Wings and/or cupcakes are usually involved…

She loves to hear from readers. Drop her a line here.

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9 thoughts on “Guest & Contest: Hailey Edwards

  1. erinf1 says:

    Thanks for a great post! You’re absolutely right… work often gets in the way of life and I know that I’ve missed out on a lot by being a workaholic. Can’t really say much more, considering that my summer has flown by b/c I’ve been working 60 hr weeks. Siiiigh… my dream is to travel w/ my BF. I keep putting it off b/c of time and money but since we are in our 30’s now and kids aren’t really in our future, I’m starting to realize that I can unclench my penny pincher fist and spend some money for memories.

  2. Ouch. My husband’s in the same boat. He’s a cop and the hours are crazy right now. I keep hoping he would catch a break so we can go on vacation before school starts, but now that’s next week. LOL

    I hope you have much better luck and get to go make some memories with your bf. 🙂

  3. infinitieh says:

    I would love to visit Hawaii again. I haven’t been there in more than a decade, too busy to go.

  4. I would go to South Africa. It’s where my father and grandparents and great grand parents were born. I want to see where I come from 🙂

  5. Y’all are making me wish the summer was longer!

    I haven’t been to Hawaii, but I’ve always wanted to go.

    South Africa would be fabulous. I could try and see the great whites jumping off the coast.

    Linda, Scotland would be awesome. One of my dear friends lives there, and I would love to visit. She got married a little over a year ago and rented a castle for her wedding. I was so heartbroken I couldn’t go.

    Donna, Australia is also high on my list of places to visit. The same friend who got married in Scotland is moving home. (She’s an Aussie.) I’m hoping to visit her one day soon. 🙂

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