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Please help me welcome April, who happens to be another RtB reviewer, to our Romancing the Blog event as she tells us about her blog, Cafe of Dreams.

Dreams, they are what make the world go around – not to mention livable.  Everyone has dreams – whether they are small or huge, they are important.  I have always been a dreamer – falling from conscious thought into daydreams at a blink of an eye.  The phrase “What if…” has been my mantra since I was able to store memory.  That phrase leads me to contemplate and continue to add dreams to my ever growing list.  My dreams may change through time, they may switch, turn and morph, but they are always there – goals, desires and wishes.  They have gotten me through some very rough times.

Books, they are the like the breath within my body – a necessity – I am an empty shell without them.  It is through reading books that I can travel anywhere, become anything and accomplish anything.  I can have a wild torrid affair, be a hero, solve mysteries, live in the 1800’s, learn and understand through the eyes of others – there are no restrictions or impossibilities.  Books have been a solid constant in my life since a very young child.  Many days I have spent in bliss as I leap within the pages of a story.  Many times my sanity has been saved through a book and yes, books have been a source of constant solitude and comfort when the real world has felt as though it has come crashing down.

Dreams and books, for me, have gone hand in hand my entire life.  It is through books that I can live out dreams; it is through dreams that I can create stories of own.  For this reason, when I created my book review blog, Café of Dreams Book Reviews, I could not have come up with a better description that fit my heart more.  My subtitle, when I first began, was “Where your dreams are always on the menu and within reach”.   It is through the pages of a book that you can reach your dreams – no matter how far from reach they may be – nothing is impossible – no one can tell you no.

It is through my book blog, Café of Dreams, that I am able to bliss out in connecting and sharing my thoughts on books, discover new and great authors and books and just kick back, relax and have some creative fun with something that is near and dear to me – books.  I have been blogging for about 6 – 7 years and yes, I do burn out at times and have a bad habit of fading away from time to time, lol.  But the great thing is that my little piece of cyber heaven is always there when I come back – a faithful friend waiting with open arms.  I adore and appreciate all of my readers and hope that I am able to provide some insightful entertainment while helping to feed their hunger for the marvelous word of literature.   I also love all of the new friends that I have been able to make and continue to make through this connection.  It is truly unfathomable, to me, how people cannot savor and devour books as I do.  I know many people that do not like to read, nor do they have a constant form of reading with them at all times.  This just seems strange to me, lol; though I imagine they think the same way about my obsession.

Café of Dreams is a place to come to chat about whatever is on your mind.  I have always had a very wide genre love when it comes to books.  There are times that I am in the mood for mystery, suspense, romance, humor, young adult, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, the possibilities are endless.  I am definitely a mood reader, so having a large taste range is definitely helpful (or perhaps a hindrance, lol).

With my blog, I am also able to live out one of my dreams – helping authors, chatting with authors, publicists and different people in the book/publishing world.  This is simply amazing to me – I never thought I would have such blessed and wonderful opportunities.  The blog and connections also allow me to continue to strive to reach my goal of one day being a published author.  To see my name on a cover of a book and know that I was able to produce something for others to enjoy has always been my number one and top dream since a young child.  The entire book world is simply a second home to me.

I encourage anyone who has not checked out Café of Dreams to please stop by, say hi and let me know your thoughts.  For those who are regular visitors or those who stop by now and then – my heartfelt thank you.  You all rock!

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9 thoughts on “Romancing the Blog: Cafe of Dreams

  1. Jen B. says:

    I don’t mind when a blog fades out for a while—as long as the blogger gives a heads up. It’s so confusing when I love a site and then suddenly there are no new posts.

  2. Maria D. says:

    Thanks for the highlight on Cafe of Dreams – I had never seen this blog before but I like what April has to say about books and love the look of her blog. I’m following her now too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. June says:

    Your blog is a new one to me. I did like the first look around that I took, and the variety of books that you feature. So I signed up to follow via email 🙂

  4. Maureen says:

    I always do have a book that I am reading and it is worrisome when I go through reading slumps where I don’t find a book that I really enjoy.

  5. I definitely agree that books and dreams go hand in hand. I think books can help us realize we have certain dreams that we may not have thought about before. This is a great post.

  6. Nancy S says:

    Nice post. Reviews are very helpful but not always a deciding factor. I, also, am a mood reader so I know what you are referring to.

  7. Filia Oktarina says:

    Nice post. I like review and make me know about book i don’t know. With blog, we know about author, books and another pulicits.

  8. nurma says:

    i’m newby with ur blog…i love giveaway so i often enter book’s giveaway like urs 🙂
    thx 4 the gift..
    keep success for u 🙂

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