Review: With Her Hunger by Lorie O’Clare

With Her Hunger by Lorie O’Clare
Series: The Lunewulf Series (# 8)
Release Date: December 16, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 63
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

Mariah has just lost her entire family. For years, lunewulf have lived peacefully in the Yukon Territory. But when humans burn the werewolves’ homes, Mariah and her pack run to a new home. Determined to embrace her new life and not be destroyed the way her pack was, Mariah refuses to be controlled by anyone. When she spots Luther with two other males, she’s not only interested but willing to take all three of them on. Only one of the males remains in her thoughts though. She will have Luther again.

Luther runs on the edge of the pack that leaves the Yukon Territory and heads to British Columbia. He is Cariboo lunewulf. The lunewulf think his kind are barbaric and run with less honor. Luther has no need for all of the lunewulf’s laws and traditions. He does have a need for Mariah though. It burns so hot through him he won’t let her out of his sight, or his bed, until she agrees to be with him forever.


Review: With Her Hunger is a very hot read.

I loved reading this book. I hated that humans had found out about have wolves that changed into humans and decided to burn all their dens and get rid of all of them. Why can’t everyone live together? Just because someones different doesn’t mean that you should burn their homes and hope that everyone is in the fire.

I loved watching Luther and Mariah come together. Both have a strong personality and don’t back down from anything. They both want to be the leader and think they are training the other to be the way they want them to be. So both characters are just right for each other.

I will warn you that Mariah does have sex with three wolves. She picks just one after that. So this is a great book with some hot sex. Not your normal shifter book. You should read it.

I’m going to have fun catching up on this series.