Review: The Misspelled Charm by Shereen Vedam

The Misspelled Charm by Shereen Vedam
Release Date: May 9, 2012
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 54
Source:  Ebook provided by the publisher

The battle against magic is easily won, but not even magic can truly control love…

To Kord, witches are a necessary evil. They cast charms for good weather and crops, but otherwise they’re best avoided. But when Kord succumbs to a love spell and starts yearning for a woman he’s never met, he refuses to let magic control his destiny. He tracks down the witch responsible—only to discover she is the irresistible woman of his dreams.

Like her mother and grandmother before her, Charmaine casts charms for a living. As a witch, she spends her life helping others, not being helped. So when her spells begin misfiring, she has nowhere to turn. Until a handsome farmer arrives demanding she break a love spell, and Charmaine realizes he holds the key to her misspells. But what if solving his problem comes at the cost of her heart’s desire?


Review: Kord’s life took a turn for the worse, when he received a cursed posy with a love spell attached. His fiancée left him for another since he couldn’t stop thinking and dreaming of a golden-haired stranger while he ignored her. Wanting revenge, he travels to Ponce where a Charmist called Charmiane lived. Much to his surprise, she is the girl in his dreams. The strength of mind it takes to fight against such a spell hardens him against her and his anger helps. That is – until she proves her innocence by working hard to try and break the curse to give him his freedom. But does he still want it?

This wonderful story is very well plotted and leaves you feeling very glad you took the time to read it. The pace of the story is perfect. The author has a done a wonderful job, I feel the emotions coming through the pages.