Review: Pride and Pyramids: Mr. Darcy in Egypt by Amanda Grange and Jacqueline Webb

Pride and Pyramids: Mr. Darcy in Egypt by Amanda Grange and Jacqueline Webb
Series: Sequel to Pride and Prejudice
Release Date: July 1, 2012
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
Pages: 320
Source:  NetGalley

The Darcys get pulled into the Regency craze for Egypt in this romantic and adventurous Pride and Prejudice continuation by bestselling author Amanda Grange and Egyptology expert Jacqueline Webb.

When Elizabeth, Darcy and their lively children go to Egypt with Colonel Fitzwilliam’s younger brother, romantic interludes between Darcy and Elizabeth intertwine with the unraveling of a mystery dating back to an ancient Egyptian woman. They find long-hidden treasure, thwart a theft and betrayal by the ever villainous George Wickham, and lay to rest an ancient ghost.


Review: Reading a sequel to Pride and Predjudice felt a little strange. I had to keep telling myself that it was fifteen years later. Darcy and Elizabeth have six children and are enjoying married life quite nicely when their cousin Edward stops by for a visit and is later invited to Egypt. Considering it’s been his dream he jumps at the chance.

Darcy gives it some thought and later thinks it will not only be educational but a great adventure for the family. (For the regency period this seemed very sudden and a tad awkward but you ignore it because Darcy is such a likeable character). We travel with the family all six kids who are hilariously and beautifully written….

The authors do a fantastic job of introducing the “plot” when Edward gives the youngest girl a doll named Aahotep. She immediately says the doll is sad and begins to explain why. We later find out that there is more to this doll as well as this story, than it seems. (Think magical spells and some mythology) The Darcy’s travel to Egypt and work to uncover the myth behind Aahotep, hunt for treasure, and try to stay sane while Mrs. Bennett (still oblivious that others are bothered by her incessant chatting) tags along.

I enjoyed the story, it was actually quite fast paced and the dialogue was extremely well written. It read like a regency and I have to admit that was my biggest question when i started it.

Darcy…well what to say about Darcy? I love him, so much. The authors stayed true to his character and readers will fall in love with him all over again.

There is also a great secondary (I say secondary b/c Darcy and Elizabeth will always be first) love story that readers will really enjoy! I would read it again and probably will. 😉





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  1. Maria D. says:

    Good review! I’m always leery of reading stories like this because in a way they are a form of fanfiction – they take someone else’ characters and turn them into their own but it sounds as if could have been a natural progression for the characters anyway and it’s well written. Adding it to my list.

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