Review: Linked by Blood by Kathy Lane

Linked by Blood by Kathy Lane
Series: Blood Sworn (# 2)
Release Date: July 15, 2011
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Pages: 360
Source:  Publisher

The moment the mighty Blade, Bracca Cu-Laurian sees empath, Sheren Ni-Annun, he fights his desire for the young widowed mother. Not only is his life pledged to his Bloodsworn, but his past sins make him an unfit mate for any woman, let alone an empath. Never before has the line between desire and duty been so impossible to cross.

Sheren’s late husband taught her to resent a Blade’s duty, and she has since vowed to avoid those fierce warriors. Then Bracca awakens her empathic senses with a vengeance. How can she deny her feelings for him and possibly keep her vow? When her young son is linked to Bracca’s Bloodsworn, the consequences that threaten to destroy them and those they hold dear, may also be the very thing that brings them together.


Review: After finally making my way through the story, which to me was rough in spots, I found the end.  I can’t say that I really enjoyed this story but, to be fair I think that someone that read the first book in the series and/or enjoys the genre of sci-fi mixed with fantasy will enjoy this story.

Ms. Lane wrote a well put together story that was not only had a fast paced plot that did move quickly but also, had the characters connect with a chemistry that made the romantic side of things tend to be quietly sexy.

Bracca Co-Laurian is a blade, which is an ‘inhabitant of Avalyr who cannot absorb magic unless linked to a blood sworn who then mentally transfers magic. Bracca finds he has a strong connection to Sheran Ni-Annon, a young widowed mother who is an empath. He feels he isn’t worthy of her love.

Sometimes things happen that is beyond anyone’s control. As Bracca and Sheran soon find out when it comes to love. As they each fight against what they feel for the other.  Within the story and all that is going on fate steps in. Sheran’s son brings the two of them together in a rather unlikely way. If you want to know how I’ll leave that for you to read and find out. It wouldn’t be fair of me to give all of the storyline away.  If you understood anything of what I said than you will most certainly enjoy the second story in the Blood Sworn Series- Linked by Blood.

I know I had trouble at times and found myself re-reading to try and get the gist of the names and terms which were had to keep straight.  Ms. Lane has all the right elements in her story she just found someone that was a bit confused throughout. If you enjoy sci-fi and something a little different give this a try.





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  1. Maria D. says:

    Thanks for the review – I’m not in love with the cover and don’t really think this is my kind of book

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