Review: Lessons of a Scandalous Bride by Sophie Jordan

Lessons of a Scandalous Bride by Sophie Jordan
Series: Forgotten Princess (#2)
Release Date: July 31, 2012
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Pages: 384
Source:  Publisher

A life can change in an instant . . .

No one knows this better than Miss Cleopatra Hadley, who went from poverty to plenty when she discovered one of England’s richest men was her true father who wanted her to share his wealth . . . if she married into the upper echelons of Society. A high price to pay for someone whose mother taught her just how dangerous a marriage could be.

An imposing yet impoverished Scots nobleman, Lord Logan McKinney knows he must wed some vapid title-hunter with a substantial dowry in order to restore his once-thriving estate. Having the vibrant Cleo nearby, however, makes his task even more unpalatable—for she tempts him like no other woman . . . just as he’s precisely the sort of man she most fears: exciting, unpredictable, fiercely passionate. But when attraction proves too powerful, they succumb to a kiss that quickly leads to lessons too scandalous for even the darkest nights . . .


Review:  For Cleo Hadley a life in the ton is something that she never dreamed was possible. When you come from a family with less than nothing and a step father that is repulsive to everyone, life is barely worth leading. when a stranger comes to her home and shatters everything she thought she knew about herself, it could just be the best thing that ever happened to her. But the fears of losing herself to a man are something that could just keep her from the man that has wanted her from the first moment their eyes meet. But Logan will only take heer if she can come to him willingly. With a few fumbles and fights along the way Cleo will have to discover herself on the path to winning her husband’s heart.

Lord Logan McKinney just need a wife, preferably one with lots a zeros in her dowry. If only the women of the ton could spark just a bit of interest in him outside of the package they present. Just about ready to give up completely, Logan meets Cleo for the first time and suddenly no other woman matters. Just like the cheesy romance themes it was love at first sight, only this time it is the man falling hard and trying to convince the woman of his feelings. Just how much will Logan endure before even his love is dashed? And can he convince Cleo that not all men are like her step father?

While the beginning of this story was quite dismal, I was glad to see it pick up a bit so that I could see how Logan and Cleo make out in the end. I was a bit leery about ready a second story of a series without having the first story under my belt first but I think it made this one even better. Sophie Jordan is an author that I have read quite a bit of in the past a loved the majority of her works. While I do with that Cleo and Logan were a bit more believable at times I think the emotion was there and it made up for everything else in spades. If you like historical romances and are wanting one with a strong heroine than this is a story, you will want to add to your TBR pile.






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    Thanks for the review! I haven’t read anything by Sophie Jordan yet but this sounds like an enjoyable book

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