Review: If Wishes Were Kisses by Barbara Miller

If Wishes Were Kisses by Barbara Miller
Release Date: December 1, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 47
Source:  Publisher

Lieutenant Colin Barclay thinks he has no future—until his brother George dragoons him into offering for Elizabeth Mortimer, so George can marry her younger sister. But Elizabeth sees no need to marry and plans to remain on her father’s estate to run the stud farm. As Colin attempts to woo her, he discovers how courageous and competent she is, just as his devotion makes Elizabeth question what she thought she’d always wanted.


Review: This book was a quickie with only 47 pages but there was a lot packed into it. There was an actual storyline and closure along with a sweet romance, family and friends. Colin and Elizabeth were well suited but Elizabeth had no plans to marry nor have children. She did a man’s work on her family’s estate working with horses and couldn’t be happier. She was content and didn’t feel she needed more. Enter family friend Colin who not only wanted to marry Elizabeth but also be her partner in working with the horses.

There was a happily ever after – 2 in fact – which only drew me in more. The only negative was that I felt there was much more story to tell. It would have been nice to have several more chapters at least.

I have not read books by Miller before but look forward to reading others – although I hope they’re a little longer.

Favorite Quote:  He stopped with the bottle halfway to his mouth. It was the one thing he wanted from her but apparently she did not share that desire. He forced himself to remember that this was about her not him. “I don’t think you need physical satisfaction from me. You get all that from your horses.”