Review: Fury by Laurann Dohner

Fury by Laurann Dohner
Series: New Species (# 1)
Release Date: July 27, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 376
Source:  Publisher

Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One such “experiment” captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him-even if he hates her for it.

Fury has never known compassion or love. He’s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he’s free and set on vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human.

Fury can’t resist Ellie-the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He’s obsessed with the scent of his woman. And Ellie wants Fury-always has. She craves his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart.

But loving Fury is one thing…taming him is another.


Review: Fury is the first book in the best new series that I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time.

Ellie is working undercover to save the new species that have been locked up all their lives. She doesn’t understand how anyone could do that to another human being. She really has the hots for 416 and wants to help save him.

416 is part human and has DNA of a dog. He has been locked up all his life and had experiments done to him that no one should ever have to live through. The only human that he trusts is Ellie. He trusts her until one day he starts getting rape by one of the scientists. She saves him by killing the scientist and putting the blame on 416. She does it to get the evidence so that everyone can be released.

I really enjoyed Laurann’s writing style. I just started reading and just got so into the story. All her characters work together so well. I can just imagine myself as Ellie.

This isn’t just a romance story. It has some wonderful story lines. You get some suspense, some laughter, some tears, and the sex is so hot. All the new species take care of each other and that’s what they need to survive.

The love between Ellie and Fury (was 416 until he got free and chose a new name for himself) is so spectacular. To have someone wanting revenge on you because he thinks you betrayed his trust. They fall so deeply and passionately in love. I would love to have someone love me so much that they would do anything for me, even take a bullet for me.

This book deals with some racism. They don’t believe that a human and a human with animal DNA should be together and they really shouldn’t be having sex. Has some issues with male rape. Has some really evil people that would do anything to harm people that would stand in their way.

The sex scenes are so hot!!! Has some scenes that has Ellie being tied up. Made me wish that I could be the one being tied up. I love that this book deals with a couple that has to go through a lot of things that normal people in real life have to go through. This is what makes the story so believable.

It doesn’t matter what fate has in store for Fury and Ellie, they make it through together. I couldn’t put this book down and I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next book. There are still secrets that need to be uncovered and it keeps me in suspense.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a book with a wonderful love story, some great friends who will laugh at each other and stand by them no matter what, and who doesn’t care that everyone has their own battles to deal with. Enjoy!!






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