Review: Digital Possession by Mandy Harbin

Digital Possession by Mandy Harbin
Series: Sex Bytes
Release Date: October 19, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Moderne
Pages: 96
Source:  Purchased

When desire is faced with physical boundaries, it’s time to get a little creative…and a little kinky.Cassie Tucker, a hardworking project leader at a software design company, can’t believe her luck when she’s assigned to work with the hottest guy at the firm. Too bad his office is hundreds of miles away. Technology will get them through—both in the boardroom and the bedroom.Ian Tucker has had the hots for Cassie for two years. Landing this project with her is a dream come true—until he discovers he’s expected to use Cassie to aid in a consolidation plan that will shut down her office. He really should keep things professional, all things considered. But she’s a temptation he can’t refuse.When the truth is revealed, Ian can only hope Cassie understands she means more to him than just a digital possession.Reader Advisory: Our clever heroine orchestrates a hot BDSM experience for her lover to enjoy via video chat. And if she must utilize the aid of her best friend to make it happen? Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do…


Review: Living a life entirely online has its perks, the option to be whoever you want to be with no one the wiser is definitely appealing. But can you open up a Pandora’s box of sexual need to someone you have never met and expect to walk away unscathed? Can a relationship be nothing more than what it is online? Or can it lead to something that neither Ian nor Cassie was expecting? And once the ball gets rolling will they both be on board or will hesitation ruin this once in a lifetime opportunity for them both.

These were the questions that came to mind for Cassie when she took the assignment to work with hottie Ian, who was over 2,000 miles away, but his sexual appeal was enough to burn her Ethernet cable to bits. The idea of mixing business with pleasure never occurred to Cassie before Ian, but with him she is willing to take all kinds of risks to get the man she wants. But once business rears its ugly head will both Cassie and Ian walk away in one piece and will their mutual inhibitions survive as well?

Ian has been head over heels with Cassie since an office meeting via Skype two years and has been dropping hints to work with her in any capacity since that day. When the opportunity arises, he snatches the chance to get to know her better. But when things turn physical, a place he never thought would happen so quickly, Cassie turns out to be the girl of his dreams. But with work hounding for cuts and the thought of losing Cassie too much to bare, how far is Ian willing to go to get the girl?

This was a great read, and the characters were real enough that they felt like people I would know in real life. Not only was a quick read, but something that I would not mind rereading a few more times. Mandy Harbin is definitely an up and coming author to watch for and someone who has left a great impression with me and hopefully you will see that too.