Review: Deviant Devil by Jianne Carlo

Deviant Devil by Jianne Carlo
Series: Hades Squad (# 3)
Release Date: August 23, 2011
Publisher:  Loose ID
Pages: 191
Source:  Author

Devil pulled the auction card from the envelope and read, “One blowjob in a private room. Condom mandatory. Touching only on my part.”

The last person Devil expects to see in a BDSM club is the best friend of his buddy’s new wife, Jessica Blaine — the all-American, apple-pie woman he wants so badly it’s her face he’s seen during every orgasm for the last nine months.

Is she playing? Exploring? Tough. She’s on his turf now, she’s put herself up for auction, and by God she’s his for the night.

Jess is scared spitless. She’s going to suck off the man who may have killed Aung, the college student she mentors and who vanished three weeks earlier. When the wrong man, a masked stranger, wins the auction, she has no choice but to proceed. Horrified when she not only responds to the masked stranger, but climaxes, Jess flees.

Devil lets her go fully intending to reel her in. His way.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Domination/submission, light bondage.


Review: For Dominix “Devil” Zubiri, the last person he expects to see in the BDSM club is Jess, the woman he’s been avoiding and silently obsessing about for the last seven months. When she offers herself at the slave auction in the club, he’s determined to win the auction and eventually her heart. Devil was absolutely delicious with his strong alpha tendencies that surrounded his very vulnerable heart. Jess was perfect for Devil because she was strong in her own right, very independent and wasn’t going to let anyone walk over her, including Devil.

Jess can’t believe that she’s going to offer sexual favors to the man she believes kidnapped the student she mentors. She just wasn’t expecting Devil to get involved. Having Devil around makes everything more complicated because she can’t seem to stop wanting him no matter how hard she tries. But with her student missing and people trying to kidnap her as well, she needs all the help she can get.

Along with the help of the Hades Squad, Jess and Devil work to find out who’s behind her student’s disappearance and the threats on Jess’s life. Devil, however, is working on another mission: to keep Jess in his bed…permanently.

This was an intense ride from start to finish. From word one, I fell right into this book and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. Seeing the final page made me sad but also excited that I had found a new author to lovingly stalk. There was some pretty hot sex scenes in this book, but mostly they just added some spice to an already explosive relationship outside of the bedroom. I loved how much Jess tried to fight Devil’s dominance in bed, but it was obvious she really enjoyed it as much as he did. It didn’t matter if they were vanilla or not, Jess and Devil were great together. I think having avoided each other for so long, they were just explosive when they finally got together. Overall, this book had me going from beginning to end. With tons of action, a suspenseful plot and plenty of steamy heat between the hero and heroine, deviant devil was a pretty fantastic read.





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