Review: Cindra’s Bounty Hunter by Paige Tyler

Cindra’s Bounty Hunter by Paige Tyler
Release Date: August 31, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 162
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

Cindra Mallory strikes a bargain with sexy bounty hunter Bladen Sloan-in echange for ten mind-blowing sexual encounters, he’ll track down the man who killed her father. But it’s hard to concentrate on the hunt when every touch from Bladen drives Cindra to new heights of daring and pleasure.

As they travel from planet visiting sex clubs and raves, Bladen finds himself addicted to the fearless, sexual Cindra. Whether she’s begging him to spank her or seducing him in front of a roomful of people, the woman knows what she wants-and Bladen is determined to fulfill all her needs.


Review: I can say that when I started reading Cindra’s Bounty Hunter that I thought it was going to go a whole different way then it did.

Cindra is very determined to find the killer that killed her father and bring him to justice. She comes across as a fearless and brave woman. She’s tired of getting turned down by everybody when she asks for help. She finally comes to Bladen.

Bladen has a hard edge to him. He wants to bring justice for all the wrong and really loves his job as a bounty hunter. He wants to help Cindra out because she reminds him of his girlfriend that got killed five years before.

They are both taken on a big adventure. Going to some pretty seedy places. I liked seeing Cindra come out of her comfort zone to try new things. She didn’t let it show. She never threw a fit at the different outfits that she had to wear. Some of them hardly covering anything at all.

Bladen had to let go of some ghosts that were in his past. He is still trying to keep Cindra as safe as possible. He realizes that he can’t be there for her at all times and that she is confident enough to take care of herself.

I enjoyed all the outfits and sex clubs that they went into. Cindra started figuring out that there was some things that turned her on sexually. She found out she likes to be tied up and spanked. The sex scenes were pretty hot and really believable.

I loved how the author wrote the story and I could follow it and stay with it from beginning to end. Balden and Cindra worked really well together and you could feel the chemistry that was between the both of them. They also help each other out with the guilt that they both face.

I really enjoyed this story and can’t wait for more.