Review: Bound To Moonlight by Nina Croft

Bound To Moonlight by Nina Croft
Series: Sisters of the Moon (# 2)
Release Date: May 16, 2011
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 77
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

ANYA, a powerful telepath, always believed she worked for the good guys–the organization that created her, trained her, and turned her into the ultimate weapon. Her most recent assignment: to assassinate the head of a group of mercenaries. The very man she believes is responsible for the death of her sister.

Investigating the disappearance of three pack members, Alpha werewolf SEBASTIAN QUINN finds himself under scrunity of a deadly group, The Agency. Caught in their cross-hairs he must now fight to save his own life.

Captured and held by the charismatic werewolf, Anya feels the stirrings of passion. For the first time there is something beyond duty. Now she is faced with a choice-complete her assigned mission or risk everything she has ever known for a chance at love.


Review: I really enjoyed Bound to Moonlight. It is a great series and it may be short but it was good.

Anya is a woman who just wants to be free but can’t be. She has to have a certain medicine to survive. She is sent on a mission but isn’t really told the real story.

Sebastian is the leader of his wolf pack and has always put them first until he finds Anya. He knows she was sent to do something and he needs to find out what. He believes that she knows where the wolves are that went missing.

When Anya figures out that things really aren’t what they seem. She wants to have a life with Sebastian but she knows that she won’t live to have a life with him.

I enjoyed the characters and the story was great. I have always liked to read books by Nina Croft. I was just so caught up in this story and I really hated getting to the end. I am on my way to find the rest of the Sisters of the Moon series.








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