Review: Beasts – The Eyes of Constance by Leanore Elliott

Beasts – The Eyes of Constance by Leanore Elliot
Series: Beasts of Forever (# 1)
Release Date: August 16, 2011
Publisher:  Wicked Muse Publishing
Pages: 228
Source:  ebook provided by the author


These hungry beasts will take you to another world full of beastly pleasures…

Breaking the breathless, sensual plundering of her mouth, Jack flipped her around, moving her up against the dresser ‘I always wanted him-to want me like this. To look at me, really look at me with passion in his eyes, like he was gonna…’ His head rose and his eyes burned at her. ‘Yeah, like that. Just burn a hole right through me-burn one in me!’

Their extraordinary rippling reflections were there in the mirror. Constance panted hard and it was as if a living flame leapt beneath her skin. Jack lifted her hips and bent her over, the mirror above the dresser casting his forceful sensuous movements. He eased two fingers into her and she gasped at the wonderful intrusion.

He watched her face in the mirror while he thrust them ia and out. “I want you to see all the ways you will burn for me,” he purred at her. With abandon, she spread her legs wider in order to get more, as Jack plunged in deeper in side of her. “You will be filled all the way up with me.”

Constance stared into his gold flecking eyes and thrust herself down onto his fingers with a greedy delight. A powerful rush of pure flame hit her insides and it felt like she would melt right down to the floor.


Review: I was warned when I first started reading Beasts – The Eyes of Constance. I was told that it was different. It is different in an awesome way.

Warning: This book is very erotic and has some darkness in it and has some pretty bad language.

When I started reading about Constance I thought that it was about a normal woman who could see the future. She would see someone getting killed and she had a partner who was a detective and he would kill them before any innocents were killed.

I was so wrong. You get taken on such a wonderful journey in the past and nothing is at all what it seems. You think that some people are mean and bad. I found out that it’s just a brother who really cares about his family. So he does what he thinks is right but it’s not.

I was so hooked on Constance and Jack’s story from beginning all the way to the end. I realized that just because things don’t go the way you planned doesn’t mean that they don’t love you.

When I was growing up I was always trying to find out things about Gargoyles. I got out of it and wanted to learn about vampires. I am so glad that I started reading this book and got back into Gargoyles again.

This is the first book that I’ve ever read by Leanore Elliot. I’m really glad that I gave her a chance and I can’t wait to start on the next book in the series. I loved the way that she has brought all her characters together. They have strong story lines. She knows how to get your attention from the first line and keep it til the end. I was kept guessing and never knew what was going to end. When I thought the ending was near something else would happen and the adventure started all over again.






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