Review: Beasts – A Different Life by Leanore Elliott

Beasts – A Different Life by Leanore Elliott
Series: Beasts of Forever (# 2)
Release Date: August 16, 2011
Publisher:  Wicked Muse Publishing
Pages: 171

Damon lost Alex five years ago, when her reality slipped away. He would never give up until he brought her home.

Alex could not believe the things this sexy stranger claimed. Who was he really? And why was it that just the sound of his voice, made her feel weak all over?

When Damon shows her who she really is, will she slip away again, or will she finally face her own beast of desire?


Review: I went in reading Beasts- A Different Life (Beasts of Forever Book # 2). I thought it would be like the first one that I read. I was so wrong. Now I know why these books can stand alone.

It’s still about Gargoyles but it goes more into the mergers, who are people that can erase their minds and put new memories in their heads to give them another life. It is so amazing to just be able to think about being about to have a different life.

Damon and Alex’s story was so good. It was also a little twisted and kept you guessing. You just didn’t know where you were or what was going on. The book was well written and I started reading the first book and went on to the second one. I am ready for the third one.

The language wasn’t as bad in this one as the first one. The sex was still to die for. I am so hooked on this series. I have been taken into a whole new world and I loved it.

Just having to go through what Damon and Alex had to just to be together. Now you know if you can work through losing your memory every time you get together and start a new life. Hey what does everyone else have to complain about? To still fall in love over and over again. Now that’s the kind of love that I want.

I really don’t know what to write about next. I don’t want to give the story away and ruin it for everyone. All I have to say is just read it.



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