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Who Wants a Lumberjack for Christmas?

Think it’s too early to start getting into the Christmas spirit? Read on. I’ve got three good reasons why you should start making your list for Santa now—in July. Don’t hesitate! There’s something you may need…something in limited supply.

I offer you the appeal of the modern-day lumberjack.

“Lumberjack?” you counter. “But I’m a contemporary woman, a suburban mom, a corporate businesswoman. I watch The Real Housewives and the evening news. Why do I need a lumberjack?”

Ladies…here’s why:

  1. A lumberjack gets up early, makes you flapjacks and works hard all day to provide. Don’t need taken care of? That’s okay. He doesn’t do this because you need it. He does this because it’s hardwired into his brawny body. Just try and stop him, sassy girl.
  1. A lumberjack is a capable, composed and confident man. He has to be to work a dangerous job out in the wild. So what about at home? Think of the benefits of having this kind of man in your house. Your back deck fell off? Not a problem—you’ve got a lumberjack. Your driveway needs plowed? A lumberjack won’t complain that he’s missing the game to shovel, though he may want you to warm him up when he’s done… A tree fell on your house? Please. Girl, you have a lumberjack. Your internet went down? Well, okay, he may not know how to fix that, but he’ll think of a way to keep you entertained until it’s back up. I promise. It’s part of the Lumberjack Code.
  1. A lumberjack knows how to use his tools. Power tools, hand tools, even tools that take…oh I don’t know…batteries? Give a lumberjack a tool and he will want to master it. And that can be a very, very good thing for both of you.

Surely I’ve convinced you to ask Santa for a lumberjack, but in the absence of an actual lumberjack, a romance-hero-lumberjack will keep us warm just as nicely. Why do we love men like this so much in our romance books? Whether we’re businesswomen, students or stay-at-home moms, we all bear a LOT of responsibility—for ourselves, our families, our jobs, our households, our friends, our futures, even our communities. We have partnerships with our boyfriends, our spouses. We make decisions together, discuss things, weigh the pros and cons and even argue about what to do. This is the way we want it in real life.

But enter the romance hero—he doesn’t worry about asking you if his choices are okay, second-guessing whether he did the right thing. He doesn’t become awkward if you pull out a sex toy, looking for a little spice. He doesn’t wait for you to say “I love you” first, play games, or answer your texts in Neanderthal single-syllables.

Instead he pursues his woman, unafraid and unapologetic. And you love it. Because he’s a romance hero. And his eyes are just a bit more sparkly than any other man’s, his dimples a tad deeper, his muscles fuller and harder, and his tools? Well, let’s just say he comes equipped.

He’s not real, and after our afternoon or late night romp with him between the pages, we just might appreciate our real men a little more. Because in the end, romance heroes remind us of what we love about MEN, even if we don’t see those traits every day.

And if the lumberjack I described above made you wish your man had at least a little lumberjack in him, you can always put this on his Christmas list and get a lumberjack of your own:

And if you agree with even half of what I’ve written, then you’re probably naughty and you ain’t getting what you ask Santa for anyway, though he probably looks forward to you sitting on his lap every year, you bad girl. So don’t count on Santa and don’t wait for Christmas—get your modern lumberjack now! Fueling Her Fire by Piper Trace, available from Ellora’s Cave, Amazon for Kindle, B&N for Nook and many other fine romance booksellers! Enjoy the lumberjack.

FUELING HER FIRE, by Piper Trace    ~She’s a big-city lawyer and her small-town first love is a modern-day lumberjack.~

Lonely and frustrated with her love life, Kip’s decided to spend Christmas alone in her family’s cabin in the mountains, rediscovering herself and not thinking about men…until a last-minute firewood delivery brings her face-to-face with the grown-up version of the sexy football star who broke her heart eight years ago.

Kip’s never stopped thinking about Dylan, but the memories are both searingly hot and brutally painful. When they find themselves snowed in together on Christmas Eve, neither can deny the passion that still smolders between them. If they can overcome the past, they can let the flames ignite at last.


Copyright © PIPER TRACE, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“What? No!” She spit the words out as quickly as she thought them but didn’t make any movement to remove his hand from her thigh. In unison, they looked down at his hand moving on her thigh like it was a situation both of them were helpless to put a stop to.

Dylan didn’t pause his slow caress. She wanted to stop him—knew she should stop him—but it felt so nice, his large hand on her bare leg…

No! She was not about to begin her holiday weekend in some kind of a remake of her senior year of high school. She already had one crushing memory of Dylan and she had no intention of making it a matching set.

“Dylan…” Her voice sounded uncertain though she’d been shooting for resolute. Taking a fortifying breath, she closed her eyes. Turning him away would be easier if she wasn’t looking into those clear blue eyes she’d seen so many times in her fantasies. “I’m not interested in rekindling a sexual relationship with you.”

“Not a relationship,” he said, his words as soothing as his touch, “just a demonstration of how I’d take care of you if you were my girl.” His hand felt hot against her skin and his confident sexuality spoke to a carnal part of her she’d kept buried for too long. “C’mon, Kip. You need it, and I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself.”

He inched his hand higher on her thigh, his intense gaze issuing a challenge to her to stop him if she didn’t want it.

But she wanted it.

 * * * * *

Piper Trace tried to write mainstream fiction, but her characters kept getting naked and using naughty words. Really naughty words. But these lusty characters were so much damn fun to hang out with that she gave up trying to control them.

As a young, smart blonde girl, Piper discovered that she hated to be stereotyped, and since then she’s been rebelling against everything nice, smart girls are supposed to do. She was the high-school harlot and the valedictorian; she worked in a strip club while attending a top college on an honors scholarship; she was a roller-derby queen and a mom; and finally, she’s a lawyer by day and a professional author of sizzling erotic romance by night. With her background, Piper feels comfortable with one foot in the trailer and one in the boardroom. She wishes more women would be as proud of their boobs are they are their brains. Boobs and brains…in that magical combination lies the power to rule the world.

Piper would love to tell you all about her writing accolades, but she’s pretty sure that, like her, you’re a reader who flipped through your mother’s paperback romances for the words “breasts” or “throbbing” so you could just read the good stuff. Well you found it. So pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine (Piper loves all kinds) and sit back. You’re gonna have some fun.

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17 thoughts on “Guest & Contest: Piper Trace

  1. @lemmony thanks! Oh, me too. Wait, I’m going to close my eyes and imagine a shirtless lumberjack cooking me flapjacks while I doze with a view of the kitchen… MMMMmmm yummy. The flapjacks, of course. 😀

    Jen from Romancing the Book, thank you so much for letting me do this Christmas in July guest blog!! You did a fabulous job with my post and I love your site!!

    <3 Piper

  2. Hi folks! I want you to enter to win the clutch bag! I lovingly made it myself, and it’s EASY to enter!!. 😀


    1) Comment on the blog post! You can make any comment you want to qualify for the prize, but the official question prompt is: “What is it about alpha male heroes that appeals to you, whether it’s a lumberjack or not?”

    2) Click on the “ENTER TO WIN” in the giveaway box (I didn’t test the Facebook entry, only the email one)

    3) Enter your name & email address and click on the +1 green box. Enter your name again and you’re done!


    <3 Piper

  3. Patsy Hagen says:

    Alpha male heroes are big, strong, handsome, well-built….I am beginning to drool! I love alpha heroes, lumberjacks or not!

  4. What appeals to me about the alpha men is the way that they are always so macho and protective on the outside, but on the inside, they are big and gullible tender hearts that need some good ol’ loving! 🙂 It doesn’t matter if they are lumberjacks or firefighters, if they are alpha’s they are awesome! 🙂


  5. Crystal Newman says:

    I guess the where they take control. Love to be the leader. Makes it interesting in the bedroom. Even all that all it takes is a great woman to bring him down.

  6. Diane Sallans says:

    Alpha males always have confidence, and the good ones don’t need to ‘one-up’ others to prove it.

  7. Marissa says:

    I think I like the macho heroes because I don’t actually know anyone like that in real life. Quite simply, they fuel my fantasies. Oh, I have fantasies about nerds, too, but the nerds aren’t forceful and strong in the same way the alpha heroes are.

  8. Hi ladies–I’m loving your comments! I think to sum it up, it seems we love how super-human our alpha male heroes are–like an exaggeration or concentration of everything that’s great about men, all wrapped up in the looks of our dreams. *sigh*

    And yes, the confidence and take-control nature of alpha men are the things that make me weak too!

    If you like men who have the confidence to take control (Crystal and Deborah, I’m talking to you) 😉 then definitely check out my book Fueling Her Fire (links in post). Dylan, Kip’s high school love, certainly “takes control” and introduces Kip to the grown-up, alpha-Dylan he is now. The excerpt in the post is the lead-in to *that* hot little toy-assisted scene. 😀

    Marissa, I like my nerds too. *sigh* so many men, so little time. 😉

    <3 Piper

  9. Mel Bourn says:

    I agree with everyone on the alpha males!! I also love the alpha males “Mine” attitude and the “Will do anything for the love of this woman” attitude. Just swoon worthy!!

  10. Ooh, I just love a self-assured man who knows what he wants and goes after it. He’s usually fiercely protective too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Oh! Sweet excerpt and I loved the post! Might need to send my guy off to that school LOL

    Re: the question — Confidence is sexy and Alpha males have both in spades.

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