The Good Girl Syndrome (An EdenFantasys post)

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys

EdenFantasys is a site for those over the age of 18.  If you’re not of age, please do not continue reading or visit the site.

The Good Girl Syndrome is a disease that needs to be understood then promptly abolished. What is this disease? It’s the thought that women…married women especially are wicked or wrong if they are sexual creatures. This is ridiculous and frankly appalling.

How does a woman suffering from this disease even start to overcome her insecurities, fear, and lack of control. Well I’d suggest start with learning to feel pretty. I’ll give you some advice to start.

First I’ll introduce you to EdenFantasys. This is an online store catering to all sorts of sensual paraphernalia. I’m especially happy with their lingerie. The great thing about using an online store is anonymity. Whether it’s from your spouse, neighbors, or just the general public…overcoming your insecurities should be private if you want it too.

Lingerie. Did you know, girlfriend, you wear lingerie every day? Oh yes you do! You wear a bra and panties. Who says they can’t be comfortable and sexy. I suggest buying a matching bra, panty, garter and hose set. Wear this under your suit to work, a dress to church, or just a skirt set one day. I assure you it is a fascinating feeling to feel sexy underneath. As if you know a secret no one else does. This feeling will infect everything from your walk to the way you talk. Don’t be surprised if people react to this undercurrent of new sensual confidence. They will say things like “Something’s different.”

Once you’re comfortable work up to a corset set or a sweet silk camisole and bottoms. Word of advice, take the time to do your own measurements and then order accordingly. Check the sites sizing charts. isn’t limited to lingerie, sex toys, books and movies, and adult entertainment on several levels. Don’t be ashamed of the amazing body you have as a woman. No matter your shape, no matter the size, sexiness is defined by a state of believing before being.

Why should you believe me? I’m not your typical model and definitely not built like these women on here by any means but I believe I’m one beautiful woman. Here’s a picture to prove it. I’m built more like Marilyn Monroe than Gwyneth Paltrow. What do you think I’m wearing under this?

I challenge you to give it a try. One of the other things I love about EdenFantasys is their prices to quality are really great. If you are really brave come back and tell me what you did. Even anonymously….

8 thoughts on “The Good Girl Syndrome (An EdenFantasys post)

  1. Danielle Ravencraft says:

    Bri, doll, you are looking sexy in red and pearls! It suits your fiery personality. 😉

    I LOVE matching bra/panty sets. I get upset and feel sloppy when my underthings don’t match. But it’s not hard for me to match them because I buy everything in black or red. LOL.

  2. Bri says:

    ThaNk y’all so much!! I’m do glad I could help.

    I only have black and white lingerie 😉

  3. Shared on my FB page! Great article…we all need reminding once in a while that we are STILL as sexy as we feel and if one isn’t feeling sexy, check the mind…it might need a bit of clearing out of those old thoughts! Envision it, see it in your mind, want it bad enough to make it happen!

  4. Robin says:

    I am ready to buy some sexy items right now.

    I feel like a mom (which I am) in tidy whitey’s…I want to feel like a women. I am so ready.

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