Review: Yellowstone Awakening by Peggy Henderson

Yellowstone Awakening by Peggy Henderson
Series: Yellowstone Romance Series (# 3)
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: Self-published
Page Count: 269 pages, 507kb
Source: direct from author

A tender, heartfelt love story . . .

A man willing to risk everything, including his life and all he’s worked for, to free the woman he loves from an impossible situation.

Kyle Russell has worked with prominent men, led scouting expeditions through the Yellowstone country, and irritated more than a few Indian braves, but he will never duplicate his father’s legendary accomplishments. Captured by a group of Crow warriors, his plans of escape are derailed when a lone white woman is brought into camp.

Kate Ellen Devereaux is on the run. Her guardian is dead, and she is lost in the Yellowstone wilderness. Found by an Indian war party, she is brought into their camp and thrown at the feet of a white captive. If he has plans of escape, she won’t be left behind.

Kyle’s father may be a legend in the territory, but he never had to deal with an eastern lady full of secrets, a woman who disrupts Kyle’s plans to see the Yellowstone area turned into a national park. Convincing her that they are destined to be together may be a greater challenge than gaining support for the park movement. Kate can’t afford to show interest in any man, regardless of her growing attraction to her backwoods rescuer. Will her ultimate reason for rejecting him spell doom for their growing love, and the national park idea, or can Kyle find a way to rescue both?


Review: Yellowstone Awakening is book 3 of the Yellowstone Romance Series by Peggy Henderson.  I enjoyed revisiting with our old friends the Osborne family.  I realize due to the timeline of when the story is based that Dan and Aimee (book 1) have since passed away but I still had to wipe a tear upon learning of their loss.

This story involving Kate and Kyle was a sweet, gentle romance with no love scenes.  The story starts off with a bang with first Kyle and then Kate being captured by the Crow War Chief Laughing Badger.  The plot does slow down for a few chapters in the middle but soon the storyline picks up and it starts to get dicey for Kate and Kyle.  We are left wondering for most of the story if these two will ever get the happily ever after they richly deserve.

I loved watching Kate come out of her shell and grow into a strong, determined woman.  Kyle was extremely gentle and patient with Kate and helped her to grow into the woman she became although I must say a scene later on in the story between him and Samuel was well deserved.  I won’t spoil the story for anyone but let’s just say in my opinion, Kyle got off way too easy.

Overall, Yellowstone Awakening is another great installment in the Yellowstone Romance Series and I cannot wait to read about Josh and Danica (both of whom we meet here) in Yellowstone Dawn.

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  1. Maria D. says:

    I haven’t read any of the books in this series but they sound like good historical romances….I’ll add them to my list. Thanks for the good review

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