Review: Whisper To Me Of Love by Shirlee Busbee

Whisper To Me Of Love by Shirlee Busbee
Release Date: February 1, 2012
Publisher:  Zebra
Pages: 537
Source:  book provided by the publisher

Ripped from her dying mother’s arms, Morgana Fowler was cast into a life of desperate thievery. With a tongue even sharper than the blade she deftly wields, she has all but mastered her devious trade – until she picks the pocket of a dashing American who wrests her from the sordid streets of London. In the arms of her gallant protector, she is helpless against the longing he elicits within her. Royce Manchester basks in a world of privilege and power in the decadent British Regency, and lowborn Morgana finds in him a love she’s never known. But the secret of her true parentage threatens to bring her new life crashing down. With a sinister figure from her past ever lurking at her heels, she and Royce must confront one of Regency England’s most diabolical villains – a challenge that fans the flame of a love that knows no bounds.


Review: Royce is a rich American, out for a bit of adventure in London for the summer. He is eligible, sought after, and very much in demand. But lately Royce has felt a bit bored with life. He is considering cutting his trip short to return home when he catching the crock red handed attempting to pick his pocket. Royce is cornered into reforming the filthy thief and soon discovers him to be a her. Well, the game changed from that moment on. After catching the little thief trying to take off with his wallet, he is drawn into her world with a fierce need to protect her and make her into the woman that she was always meant to be. But will the differences between their two worlds keep them apart or will Royce be able to get the girl and cure his boredom in one fell swoop? And will the man pulling Pip’s strings drawn Royce further into her dark world for good or can Royce do some quick thinking and cut her free for good?

Pip is a rather talented thief. She and her two brothers are quite handy for the one-eyed man, who is always in the background telling them who and what to go after. While there isn’t too much about Pip’s life before she was on the streets, the way she grew up has changed her into something that not many would want to bring home to their family. At least that was true until she matches wits with Royce. And when Royce ends up with Pip, he has a lot of work ahead of him if he is to carry out the plans he has had for Pip since the day of her birth. For Pip is truly Morgana. Can Pip really become Morgana as is her birth right or has her time on the streets made her too hard to ever be a true lady again?

I enjoyed this book quite a bit! The transformation in Pip from street urchin to Morgana was a joy to watch unfold. And how can you not love Royce, the brooding American who constantly is panting after Pip/Morgana is priceless. The chemistry between both characters was phenomenal. And of course, they had a long way to make it to HEA. My only issue is toward the end of the book. There are a lot of secondary characters in one location and they all seem to just melt away. The reader is left to assume their reasons for being where they are and then there is no reaction from any of them when a death occurs. I found that odd. While Shirlee Busbee is a new to me author, and it looks like I am late jumping on the band wagon, but her work is wonderful. The details that she brings to the table of the 1800s really made the story come to life for me, and I am sure that I will be looking for more of her works in the future.

If you are looking for a great historical romance that isn’t so certain that the main characters will get together in the end than this is the story for you. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with in the future.






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