Review: The Tempest by Em Petrova

The Tempest by Em Petrova
Release Date:  July 29, 2011
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing
File Size: 375 kb
Source:  Decadent Publishing



A bewitching woman named Adira de la Fay haunts the grounds of Adsbury Manor, a psychiatric care center where Doctor Jase Maddox has taken a longed-for position. Her delicate beauty and soulful eyes unsettle him while her strange ability to nurse dead plants into beautiful blooms, her fervor for playing the cello, and her obsession with all things Shakespeare make Jase suspect her mind is more intact than her previous doctors have believed. Between this puzzle and the desires she raises in his body, he can’t stay away from her.

Adira de la Fay has spent a lifetime locked behind the walls, and amongst the patients, of Adsbury Manor. As her new doctor helps her unknowingly reach her potential by lessening her medication, her powers begin coming back in force. Desperate to escape her circumstances and find a way to right the past, she asks the intriguing man for help. Though he satisfies her lusts, she fears she cannot be truly happy until she claims her rightful place and balances the magical world.

As Dr. Jase unlocks Adira’s passions, she reveals that her gifts run deeper than anyone imagined and that he has untapped powers of his own. Though uncertain as to whether he believes in this strange new world, he must free her from the Bedlam that has swallowed her life. With his career jeopardized, he removes her from Adsbury Manor though the move could land him in prison and her back into the world that has nearly destroyed all she is.


Review: As I was reading The Tempest, I wondered if I had missed a few things.  As I continued to read things can together fast and the book turned into a nice page turner.   The last half moves very quick!!  I really like the intensity between Jase and Adira.  Magic flows as the sparks fly between these two dynamic characters. With him just awakening to the power of his blood and learning what he truly is, Adira makes demands that he is not sure that he can answer. After being locked inside herself for twenty years, He had made it his mission to take her away and allow her to be herself.

The passion and tenderness between these characters is obvious as they struggle with their need for each other and need to get their point of view across while learning a new way of life. Adira is a beautiful lead female character with a surprisingly resilient spirit considering the life that she has led up to this point. To counter that, Jase is a steady yet fiery lead male, who and full of passion. Although the doctor/patient relationship seemed to be a bit of a fantasy but it really worked out nicely.

I enjoyed The Tempest however I did feel like it was a bit choppy through the first half of the book.  At times I had to go back and reread to make sure I had not missed something.  I am happy to say in the end it came together nicely. The heat level is hot and the Shakespeare quotes add to the depth and romanticism of the book!!

Favorite Quote: Don’t you think I know what you diagnosis will be? Not one person has believed me in almost twenty years.

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  1. Maria D. says:

    The Tempest sounds like an interesting book. I think it’s a part of a series though and that might be why it felt as if you were missing something, though I can’t remember if it’s the first book or one of the later ones. Good review.

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