Review: The Beholder by Leanore Elliott

The Beholder by Leanore Elliott
Release Date: May 7, 2011
Publisher:  Wicked Muse Publishing
Pages: 62
Source:  ebook provided by the author

Trace Victors lived her life as a cold Hit Woman, she loved the game of the hunt, but this would be her last hit. She spotted hit number fifty through her scope.

The man stood tall and well built, from his dark head and wide shoulders, to his long, firm legs.Turning his head, his face came into clear view of her scope. His profile showed a definite handsome face— a semi-bronze tan, firm jaw line and dark, wavy hair. Trace held her breath while his intense, green eyes glared back at her.

The hunter became the hunted as the game turned on her. Only this target played by different rules.She found that the chase would be short and possibly deadly, because target number fifty wasn’t a normal man.

She didn’t know it yet, but The Beholder was about to change her life….


Review: I’m not sure what I think about this short read. I liked it. But, I didn’t like it, if that makes sense. Leanore Elliot shows extreme talent with this but the plot line, was a bit jumpy for me.

Trace Victors was a hit woman and she had a target: Hayden. Or rather, Gabriel Michael Hayden. The most sexiest man she’s laid eyes on. But, there’s something different about him.

Gabriel Hayden is different. Born to normal parents, he’s got a gift. A gift he’s not even sure why he has it. He’s been placed a target for a hit woman and when he sees, well, he’s felt something he’s never felt before. Before the end of the chase, he will become the one hunting her and he will be the beholder of her dreams and fantasies.

I guess what I didn’t like about the story, was the fact that it hinted at Hayden being an Angel but it never fully explained things. It jumped around a lot.

But that being said, this was an okay read, filled with strong sparks between the hit woman and the sexy angel. If you like suspenseful romantic stories, this is one that you should try. Though this one wasn’t my favorite, I am anxious to give more of Ms. Elliott’s work a try!