Review: Temptation Rising by A.C. Arthur

Temptation RisingTemptation Rising by A.C. Arthur
Series: Shadow Shifters (# 1)
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press
Pages: 384
Source:  ARC provided by the publisher



They live in the shadows—part man, part animal—hiding their true nature while defending the human race from the most savage of their kind…

Washington D.C. police officer Kalina Harper still dreams about that night, two years ago, when a huge cat-like creature saved her from a crazed attacker. Although she kept the truth to herself, Kalina can never forget the ferocious strength of the beast’s fangs and claws—or the raw animal hunger in its eyes. Until she meets Roman Reynolds…

Powerful, passionate, and impossible to resist, they are the Shadow Shifters…

Muscular, magnetic, and all man, Roman is a high-powered attorney with a predatory smile and seductive charm. He is also a criminal suspect with suspicious connections to the Amazon jungle. But when Kalina discovers that Roman is linked to a secret race of shapeshifting jaguars—who hunt down maneaters—she is forced to put her trust in a man who unleashes her wildest fantasies and fears. A fierce creature of the night whose nature is to protect his female at any cost…


Review: Oh.My.God. I am in love with A.C. Arthur’s new series, Shadow Shifters. Temptation Rising is the first book and from start to finish I was absolutely hooked. From page one, there is a suspenseful plot line, and it just kept getting better and better. The characters of the story reached out and gripped me, making me a part of their story and it was an incredible roller coaster ride!

Kalina was attacked 2 years ago and was rescued by and unnaturally large cat like creature. She’s never forgotten that day, nor has she forgotten the cat that rescued her. She dreams of that night most every night, and it leaves her looking over her shoulder. Problem is, she’s a cop and can’t afford to be on edge. When word of drug dealings makes it to her she’s assigned as an undercover agent and seeks employment the Reynolds, Delgado Law Firm. Her suspect: the hotter-than-hell attorney, Roman Reynolds.

Roman Reynolds has never forgotten the scent that attracted him two years ago to a woman in need of rescuing. It’s a shock to him to see her standing in his office, employed by his firm. It instantly makes him feel things he’s never felt for anyone and, with a war about to rage among his tribe, he’ll do what ever he can to keep the sexy accountant safe…..and in his life forever.

With amazing suspense and sizzling sparks, Arthur creates a fantastic cast of characters that have secrets and lust and so much more. Each page brought something new to the story, each turn had a new sizzling spark or piece to a puzzle. By the end of the story, though, you’ll need a fan and tall glass of ice water to cool off!

This is definitely a highly recommended novel to all paranormal romance lovers out there. From start to finish, you’ll be engrossed in a new series of shifting cats and the women they’ll do anything to protect. I am already on edge waiting for September to come….it brings the release of Nick’s story, Seduction’s Shift, book 2 in this fantastic series!