Review: Skin Truth by Em Petrova

Skin Truth by Em Petrova
Release Date: August 24, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 65
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

When Kat’s boyfriend takes her to an upscale restaurant, she’s certain he’s going to give her the two-carat princess cut she’s always dreamt of. Instead she finds herself being dumped. Thrown into a downward spiral, she ponders his claim that he’s looking for someone who needs him to take control so he can feel complete. Driven by personal tragedy and determined that she can at least be adventurous between the sheets, Kat embarks on a sexual journey involving titillating phone sex and a growing obsession with the toy catalog. Soon she’s led into the darker world of bondage and whippings, only to be jumped by a group of men with a fascinating and fearless leader. Pushed to her limits, she struggles against the dark seduction. Until she discovers the leader’s secret.


Reader Advisory: Story contains a wee bit of forced sex—or is it?
Review: Skin Truth by Em Petrova is a fantastic BDSM erotic romance. This short story is packed with mystery and suspense as well as sizzling hot passion.

Kat has been with her boyfriend, Daniel for nine months now and she’s sure that she is really in love. When he takes her out to a fancy restaurant she thinks this is it, and she’s about to get engaged. When things take a sudden and unexpected turn, she is left devastated. In the aftermath, Kat begins to explore new things and discovers things about herself she never knew. When she decides to check out a local club that she has always wondered about, has she gone too far?

I very highly recommend this book! I gave it 4 stars, but I would actually give it 4 ½ if I could. The writing is excellent and the story had me glued to my e-reader. At 65 pages it’s a nice length for me because it’s long enough to give the reader time to get into the story and characters, but it’s not a full length novel that might take days to read.

I loved Kat and could really relate to her. She’s a modern day strong and independent woman. The problem is that she’s so liberated that she refuses to need anything from anyone. This story is high on the heat level, and has great characters and a compelling story, giving the reader more than just erotica. BDSM stories can range anywhere from light to hardcore and everywhere in between. I would consider this one a little further on the scale towards hardcore, and it also has just a bit of a dark feel to it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and when I finished I wanted more!






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