Review: SiNN by Tina Donahue

SiNN by Tina Donahue
Release Date: October 14, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 199
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

She’s every man’s carnal fantasy…and the target of one’s revenge.At a gentleman’s club, Lea dances as SiNN, her body bared and vulnerable to her male partner, her features hidden behind a mask. To the men watching, she’s a sensual enigma, submissive and seductive with no face, name or history. Not even Lea knows her real origins. But a man from the past does, and he wants her dead.Not on the watch of U.S. Marshals Jake Gabriel and Toby Quinn. Commanding and decisive, Jake not only wants Lea’s safety, but to have her naked and yielding beneath him. To Toby, she’s all he should resist but cannot. Protected by them at a secluded estate, Lea’s drawn to their potent masculinity and raw lust. Inviting desire and an emotional connection, she submits to both, surrendering to their shameless hunger along with her own wanton needs.All while a killer edges closer…


Review: SiNN by Tina Donahue is a wonderful erotic romance that is so hot it just might melt your e-reader. There’s so much more to this book than just the heat, though. It’s an outstanding story that is packed with intense suspense.

Lea performs in an exclusive gentleman’s club where she performs under the name of SiNN. As a child she was put into foster care at the age of three and lived along with her best friend, Danielle. Having survived their difficult childhoods, Lea and Danielle are still best friends and both perform at the same club.

Lea never knew the true story about her real parents and now the father she never knew has put her life in danger. When US Marshals Jake Gabriel and Toby Quinn show up at the club one night to take her away into witness protection, Lea learns secrets about her past and her parents that she never knew. Being protected by these two handsome men might not be so bad, if she can get them to loosen up and see her as more than just someone they need to guard.

I very highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars! The writing is superb with a gripping story and compelling characters. I loved all three of the main characters right from the start. Lea has always had to be on her own and take care of herself. She’s strong, independent, and doesn’t like losing control of her life. Jake and Toby are handsome, sexy law men who are trained professionals, but they’re still red-blooded men.

The heat level in this one is extremely high, but there’s also tender romance as well. I would actually classify this one as an Erotic Romantic Suspense because yes, it’s definitely erotic, but the suspense story will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s a highly entertaining book from start to finish.






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