Review: Mission Menage by Cynthia Sax

Mission Menage From Cynthia SaxMission Menage by Cynthia Sax
Release Date: November 9, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 82
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher



Captain Raylee lives a safe, controlled life. She ships cargo using only heavily protected Federation routes, she doesn’t form relationships with anyone or anything living, and her lover is a sexy android with spare parts and a backup brain-and he’s always hard on demand.

But Raylee’s perfect android lover has a dangerous human twin…

Vegas, a Federation operative, thrives on risk and intrigue. Years ago, he planted a robotic clone of himself on his future mate’s ship. With a war now brewing between the Federation and enemy forces, Vegas boards Captain Raylee’s vessel, determined to seduce both his woman and his android while completing his daring mission.

In the darkness of space, lines blur between man and android, safety and risk, lust and betrayal. One failed mission could destroy them all.


Review:  Mission Menage is a really hot and sexy read. Warning explicit sex scenes and sex with a human and android.

Raylee is a woman who tries to shut herself off from all humans. She believes ever human that she lets near her and she loves will somehow die. She wants so bad to feel the pain to punish herself. So she had an android to provide her with sexual relief. It’s always the same way every time. She is a very strong and independent woman. She doesn’t like to follow directions.

Vegas is Raylee’s mate but she doesn’t know it. He has made her android in his likeness as a gift. He finally decides it’s time for Raylee to feel again. Time for her to be his mate and admit it. He expects his wishes and demands to be followed. When they meet fireworks with spark between them.

You are taken on ride that is out of this world, literally. Just imagine having two lovers that looks the same, but one is real and one is a machine. It’s so different from having two real live males. One to fulfill all your needs and the other that will do anything that you tell it to.

It was a really short read and I hated when it ended. Glad that I was taken out of my element for at least a little while. One that will fulfill all your fantasies. Then you realize that it’s over.

Favorite Quote: “I saved your life.” Her walk was slow and seductive, her curvy hips swaying. “I should be rewarded, not punished.”

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  1. Maria D. says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the hero and the android thing…I know it’s scifi but still

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