Review: Lander’s Moon by Eden Robins

Lander’s Moon by Eden Robins
Release Date: November 3, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 87
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

Free-spirited healer Selena Alvarez has a thing for bad boys. Yet she’d never imagined herself running through a snow- blanketed forest to escape a violent and abusive boyfriend-or being saved by Lander Paletsos, a reclusive, hunky shapeshifting immortal with an attitude. Snowbound in Lander’s castle in the woods, they’ll soon discover whether a beautiful healer’s love is enough to mend the heart of a deadly beast.


Review: Lander’s Moon is a really good book. Nothing to warn about.

I love to read about books that are a little different. This one is about the God Zeus and the Moon Goddess Selene’s son Lander. He was cursed to be a man by day and a lion by night. He likes to stay to himself.

Selena always seems to get into bad relationships. She is a healer who can always tell when some one needs her help. Her instincts don’t seem to be able to help her pick the right men. Well she has really picked the wrong man this time. Her boyfriend Todd is possessive, has anger issues, and his image counts for everything.

Selena did something wrong and Todd said he was going to teach her a lesson so she wouldn’t make another mistake. He starts beating her. I really hate when men beat women. I don’t believe that anyone that beats a woman could consider themselves a man.

Well Selena gets away and here come Lander to the rescue. There is a deep connection between the two. Selena doesn’t understand how she could just leave one abusive relationship and already wanting to jump Lander.

I love how the author brought together these two lost souls. An immortal and a mortal. I can honestly say it’s not one of my usual reads but I loved it. I loved watching their love unfold. Let’s hope Selena has what it takes to break the curse.

Favorite Quote: “Uh, yeah, about that. Remember how I told you about my half-brother? Well…”

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