Review: Fury Of Fire by Coreene Callahan

Fury Of Fire by Coreene Callahan
Series: Dragonfury Series (# 1)
Release Date: February 7, 2012
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
Pages: 425
Source:  ARC provided by the publisher

When duty calls, a warrior answers-no matter the consequences.

A clandestine race of half-dragon, half-humans known as dragon-shifters lives among us. Bastian, leader of the Nightfury dragon clan, is sworn to protect humankind at all costs. For him, honor and duty always come first. When the clan dictates he take a human mate to sire a son, he falters, aware that for a human to birth a dragon-shifter she must die. Myst, the woman given into his care, is the most extraordinary he’s ever met, and though he can’t bear the thought of harming her he is bound by duty.

Myst loves her life in the human world, but Bastian has captured her heart in an instant of electric connection. But Bastian and his warriors are in the middle of a deadly battle with the Razorback dragon-shifters, intent on killing every Nightfury clan member-and the humans they protect-the fate of their world and ours hangs in the balance.

An extraordinary blend of action, fantasy, and steamy romance, Fury of Fire brings to life a dangerous new world intertwined with the survival of humanity, all while exploring the meaning of honor and the nature of true love.


Review: I’ve seen different reviews for Fury of Fire, some good and some bad. In my opinion I really enjoyed it.

Fury of Fire was a really easy book to get into. I liked how the author described each one of her characters. Even though, this is the first book in the Dragonfury series, we get a teaser of the characters that will be in the next books. We get to see what characters will probably end up with each other.

Bastian is the leader in the Dragonfury clan. He’s got a lot of responsibility on his dragon scales. They’re in a war with the Razorback clan and because of this their numbers are going down. It’s up to him to find a human woman to mate and have a son. The only way to do this is when the Meridian axis realign, which is in five days. Bastian feels that he needs to be the first to do this since he’s the leader. He is a very strong take care of everything personality. He never shows weakness and is always there for his clan.

Myst Monroe is a nurse practitioner. She really takes her job seriously. She has a very soft heart and tries to help everyone. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone gets taken care of. She’s a very strong and independent woman. This is what will put her in danger and change her life forever.

The way they meet is because of Myst job and her going out of her way to help her patients. Caroline is a young woman who is pregnant and has a rare blood disease. The problem is that Caroline hasn’t been to her appointments so Myst decides to make a home visit. Bastian comes on the scene because Caroline is pregnant with a half-dragon. It’s his job to make sure the baby survives.

Now when they meet nothing goes the way they had planned. Myst has a lot of white power that Bastian needs to survive and he finds out that Myst is his mate. Myst doesn’t want anything to do with him because she finds out his secret.

I loved how the author brought out each one of their personalities and making them second guess everything that each one had been told. Bastian finds out that maybe honor and putting his clan first isn’t what he always needs to do. Myst finds out that maybe her job isn’t what she should put first. Bastian has to decide if he can give up Myst’s life to have the child that he needs to make sure his clan survives.

Fury of Fire is a story of not all things are what they seem. You have to make decisions. Not all will be good and how do you know if it’s the right one. I really can’t wait to read the next book. So happy reading everyone. I will warn you that there’s some bad language and some pretty hot sex scenes.

Favorite Quote: “Master Bastian warned me you are very clever.”




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  1. Maria D. says:

    Like you Crystal, I’ve seen some good and some bad reviews for this book. I do have it on my kindle to read though. Good review

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