Review: Evil Stalks The Night by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Evil Stalks The Night by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Release Date: Original Dec. 1985, Revised May 31, 2012
Publisher:  Damnation Books, LLC.
Pages: 296
Source:  ebook provided by the author

Twenty years ago psychic Sarah Summers fled from the evil that lurked in the woods behind her childhood home after it killed most of her family, but a nasty divorce and financial hardships forced her back when nothing else could have. With her son, Jeremy, she returns to her grandmother’s dilapidated house and tries to begin a new life. She meets a police detective, Ben, who falls for her, and she prays her fresh visions of bloodshed and death deep among the dark trees are not true.

Then the murders begin again and Sarah is hurtled back into the familiar nightmare that has haunted her her whole life. The evil in the woods is awake again…and this time it wants her last remaining brother, Jim; her son…and her. With Ben and Jim’s help can she defeat it this time…and live?

Review: I have become a big fan of Kathryn Meyer Griffith. I read one book, becoming hooked on her writing. I am glad that she has decided to re-release her older books. She has, I am sure, acquired new fans.

This book starts in 1960 in or near the woods, spanning 20 years and ending in or near the woods. I have a healthy respect for the noises that I hear in the woods at the back of our property after reading this book.

In Evil Stalks the Night, we are drawn into the story of Sarah, her brother James and the rest of the family. Like most small towns across the United States, Suncrest is no different than most small towns except for one small detail. Evil lives in the woods and demands human blood. Drawing the local children in, killing them, they disappear most times without so much a trace.

One by one the evil that lurks about takes Sarah’s family from her. Sarah finds help in her grandmother but not soon enough as she is old and dies before Sarah can get the answers that she needs. Sarah is a psychic, knowing things that most adults tend to not want to believe. After all she is only a young girl. The town felt that her family was strange and somehow at the root of the evil.

As the evil takes her family one by one, Sarah and James are the only ones that survive. They both move away to live their own lives and get away from the evil that has haunted them all their lives. But can one ever really forget? As much as they tried to lead normal lives (what exactly is normal with what they have gone through) they couldn’t get away from the evil as it seemed to follow them only to draw them back to where it all started.

Sarah finds her way back to Suncrest after a divorce leaves her penniless. She packs up thinking to move into the house she inherited from her grandmother. Off she goes with her son Jeremy and the help of her brother James.  All she wants is to start a new life.

Not wanting to give too much away I will let you pick up this chillingly frightful book. I know I haven’t been this scared while reading a book in a long time. You may not want to go out by the woods alone at night after reading Evil Stalks the Night. So pick up your copy and be prepared for the evil that draws you in not wanting to let you go. See if Sarah, her brother James, her son Jeremy and her new friend in town Ben are able to defeat the Evil that Stalks the Night.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good horror stories. This is ranked right up there with some of those scary horror stories by Stephen King.





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  1. Maria D. says:

    I’m not a big fan of horror books but this one does sound intriguing! Thanks for the highlight since I’ve never read anything by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

  2. Thank you Romancing The Book and Robin for the lovely review on the first published of all my 14 books (originally published by Leisure paperbacks in 1984 and now rereleased by Damnation Books)…this book holds a special place in my heart and is the most autobiographical of all my books. Some of my childhood, family memories, first divorce and second forever love are all between its pages. Thank you. Warmly, Kathryn meyer griffith

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