Review: Eternally Chained by Candace Sams

Eternally Chained by Candace Sams
Series: Night Watchers (# 1)
Release Date: September 9, 2011
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press; Black Rose Edition
Pages: 326
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher


Sean Reilly never asked to be a vampire. But when he’s mortally wounded and turned during World War II, he uses his new abilities to fight evil as part of the Night Watch organization. He’s also called in when someone needs to be turned. Sean’s oath to never mix business with pleasure takes a hit after he changes a dying but extremely sexy Morgan Grady. Against his will he’s drawn to her, but her penchant for disobeying orders makes him want to file his fangs.

Morgan, a Los Angeles undercover police officer, never considered vampires might actually be real until she’s shot and left for dead…and awakens an immortal. But just because the hot and sexy Sean changed her doesn’t mean he gets to call the shots. She’s her own woman and plans to do what she always does and on her own terms-fight evil.

When confronted with an entity bent on destroying them, Sean and Morgan must fight together, facing not only their enemy but also the terrifying possibility that they were meant to be together forever.


Review: Eternally Chained is the first book in the Night Watchers Series. This is the first book that I’ve read by Candace Sams. I believe that I picked the right book to be the first that I’ve read by her.

Sean is a vampire and he likes to work alone. Sean has been a vampire since 1944. He tries to keep a wall around his emotions and never lets anyone get close. I could feel his pain as I read the book.

Morgan is a cop and she gets shot during a undercover bust gone wrong. Sean is sent to turn Morgan into a vampire. He doesn’t know that her uncle lied to him. Morgan needed to give her permission to be turned and she never agreed to it.

This story is one that will be close to my heart for years to come. It is mainly based in Ireland and that’s where my family originally came from. I could just imagine the scenery as the author described it.

Sean is afraid to love again and doesn’t want to admit his feelings for Morgan. I loved watching their love unfold. Morgan has to go through so many emotions and has to deal with her human life being taken away. She really didn’t believe in vampires until she almost dies from rogues.

I loved seeing vampires and humans working together. In a lot of vampire stories you don’t really see them have a way of getting past their differences. I liked how the fighting scenes were described.

You get to see the sassiness in Morgan and she will give you some laughs. The way she brings Sean back to the living again instead of him just living everyday in the past.

I can’t wait for the next adventure that I’ll get to experience in the next book.

Favorite Quote: Sean has sketched a cartoon bat repeatedly banging its head against a tree. The caption read, sooner or later, sense gets in.



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  1. Maria D. says:

    Eternally Chained sounds like a great book and something I would really enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing, added it to my wishlist.

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