Review: Discovered by J. Lilley

Discovered by J. Lilley
Series: Shalean Moon (# 1)
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Publisher:  Lycaon Press
File Size: 249KB
Source:  ebook provided by the publisher

When Rach moved to Scotland she knew there would be changes. She hadn’t expected them to be quite so dramatic. Not only was there a new house, new school and new friends, there was also a secret to discover.

Brios Parde was a Patriarch in waiting. When the powerful leopard shifter senses a new Shalean he is amazed to discover it’s the new girl. All his senses tell him Rach will be important to him.

However the Rogues try to destroy the budding relationship. Will Rach decide to side with Brios or help stage an uprising?


Review: Sometimes fate steps in and takes you on a path much different than that in which you should have been on. In this case, Rachel’s mum and dad fell in love upsetting the course that was laid out for Rach’s mum.

What would you do if you found that you could talk to friends without saying a word? How cool would that be?

Rach’s dad takes a new job which has them moving from London to Scotland where fifteen years or so, her dad Tony fell in love with her mum (who died).  New school, new friends and new discoveries soon to be found out. With the new school brings new uniforms that seem to clash with red hair. This is important to most fifteen year olds as they have enough other problems trying to fit in as it is. Finding new friends was hard, but Leira helped Rach, an instant bond/friendship was formed. Leira’s brother Brios a couple years older than Rach and Leira (who are fifteen) senses that his mate is near.

Things start to happen fast the talking in the heads, which by the way Rach seems to take in stride. Then finding out that you are special like your mother was, you are part of Shape Shifters. You are now a Leopord shifter.

Guess what you didn’t even know it. What fun it is and yet scary to learn all about things that have been hidden from you all your life. Tony, Rach’s dad, is human and raised Rach as such. Now he must be there for her, helping her through all this, letting her know that she will always be his little girl. He helped her become a strong young woman with a good sense of who she is and now who she will be.

So now that you get the gist of the story, you might want to pick up Discovered to see what happens in the whole, family/ friend’s dynamics. Only to find out that things aren’t what they seem, yet it is rather easy to just take things in stride because your strong sense of who you are.
J. Lilley does a good job of showing what it means to have good friends and family around to help each transitions of any kind during teenage years. The characters although not as fleshed out as I normally like were still very likeable. There were allot of different people to fit into the storyline and it became a little confusing at times. Overall it was a nice read and enjoyable on a young adult level. I can’t wait to see where J. Lilley takes us in the next book.





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    • Thanks for the great review Robin, and the lovely comment from Marie.
      I really enjoyed writing this book, a first in a seres of 6. I hope you read them, and enjoy the way the story progresses. Thanks again, Jo

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